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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Just kidding about the house remodeling blog...some other time! Inspired by a blog I discovered recently, here's a general self-assessment. Just some of what makes me, me.

I'm a walking contradiction. I'm definitely more of a tomboy than a girly girl, but I don't fully commit to any stereotype. People who are close to me can read my facial expressions like a book. There are social situations I'm completely uncomfortable with--small talk is one of them.

I'm a writer. My skills as a writer should not be judged by my blog. It's far less carefully constructed and goes through minimal editing in comparison to my fiction writing. I dream someday of being published, and better yet, being able to work from home writing for a living.

I have my Psychology degree. I'm not currently using it. I hope to in the near future.

I am completely loyal to my family and friends. I have strong convictions. I am extremely sensitive about animals. I'm getting better about taking things too personally. I am very laid back with the exception of 2-3 days monthly.

I feel most comfortable when I'm being creative. Analyzing has become second-nature to me, but I tend to see situations as being 3-dimensional rather than black and white.

I'm a very smart person who says and does some really stupid things. I admit it. It entertains my husband to no end.

Most of my expressed frustration comes from my impatience with myself for either not doing something I knew to do or doing something I knew better than to do.

I've moved a lot in my life and lived in many places. I feel so at ease knowing we'll be in our house for the long haul.

I've had our dog Annie since I was 13. I love her attitude, feistiness, and the fact that she and I communicate in our own special way especially since she can't hear anymore. I love how when I take her on car rides and I run in a store, she sits up very straight in the passenger seat and wiggles her docked little tail when I come back. There's a facial expression she makes at that moment that I can't describe, but which makes my heart grow three sizes bigger everytime.

Our dog Gracie feels more like a child to me than Annie since I got her when I was older. She's fiercely loyal to me. She is unimaginably sweet, but is inexplicably terrified of most people she meets, while still remaining a very good guard dog. I don't like to discipline her because she has the saddest eyes I've ever seen. I love that I taught her to hug.

When I was younger, I thought I knew it all. Now I know I don't have a clue a lot of the time. I want to learn more and more these days. I don't regret mistakes I've made, though they still sting to think about sometimes. There's a segment of my life I'd probably refer to as the "lost years," not because the time was wasted, but for my state of mind. I understand that everything taught me something, whether or not I was processing it at the time. I also recognize certain instances where I was playing with fire, one step in front of the bullet, or any of several other metaphors and I see things I was blind to before. I can point out those people who I gave far more time than they deserved and people I wish I had spent more time with. I could have been more careful with people's feelings. There are things I would have been easier on myself about and other times when I would have given myself a swift kick in the butt.

While we're not planning for children until we have some "us" time, I so look forward to being a mom. I love the fact that Brady and I both take our future roles as parents so seriously and adore our kids already.

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