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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our new daughter (potentially)

On Saturday morning, Brady and I watched as Gracie wandered her yard looking frantic. She's desperate to reach our neighbor dogs, but the 6 foot wall between them is troublesome for much playtime. We were staying warm inside with the newly-groomed Annie snuggled up on her pillow on the floor. Annie's not much for playing with other dogs. She never has been. She's much more content to just follow you around and curl up on whatever she can find. Believe me, she'll make do with plastic wrap if nothing else is available. It's very rare to find her on the bare floor though. So while Gracie loves her yard, we get the feeling that she'd get more enjoyment out of it if she had a friend to play with. Brady and I had decided before that the next dog we get will be a Siberian Husky. We even have her name picked out. We definitely want a girl and I recently talked to him about adopting one rather than buying from a breeder. I have a soft spot for animals and there are so many in shelters who need homes. 

Within about a minute of opening the laptop and going to, I found Camilla. She's described in the category of "young" between the options of baby, young, adult, and senior. She needs a fenced yard (check) and lots of toys (we'll definitely get replacements for Gracie's that are missing ears and so forth, but check), and gets along with other anim
als and people. 

Pinal County Animal Control is only open 9-12 on Saturdays and no one was manning the phones, but I've sent an email and we'll hear back hopefully tomorrow if she's still available. We wouldn't be able to get down there until Saturday, but if it's meant to be, we might be adding another member of our family sooner than we expected. 

Here's sweet Camilla (whose name we would try to change depending on her age and attachment to it)...

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