Twinks Gets Fit...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shock and awe

That would be me. She almost got fired. Almost. He wanted to, but OccMed is on her side. Now I go over there 1/2 time, she comes here full time, and she gets to deal with living under a magnifying glass. She slips up, she's gone.

10 weeks she was gone, not including vacation. 10 weeks. That is insanity. She works the system and wraps people around her finger, but those who were duped see her true colors. Thank goodness. Finally.

The positives of this are #1 Our superviser is on our side, not hers. #2 I get paid travel time and get home a 1/2 hour earlier minimum. #3 I'm closer to home/the pups #4 Job security. Oh yes, the job security.

Now if I could only have her hourly rate. It's so not fair salaries are based on length of service and not job performance. We do all the work, she gets higher pay. Messed up logic, no?

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