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Friday, February 13, 2009

Have I ever been so happy for a Friday?

Yes, probably. I should clarify--I am excited for Friday after 5pm. Today has been rough. I'm short a co-worker, the one who actually works. Now it's down to me because the coworker who doesn't work is gone too...because she has "plans" tonight that apparently she needs ample time to prepare for. The woman is a drama queen. You have to know her to understand. If you knew her you'd probably like her at first, but to appreciate my situation, you've either had to hear me vent repeatedly over the course of the past 2 years or so...or work with her. Neither is desirable, nor would I wish working with her upon you. Fortunately she now works at the hospital, which is fantastic and all except her incompetence travels far distances apparently. Ugh.

Anyways, it's been very hectic. I am still sorting through a few more things I'll get done before I leave. The rest can and will wait. I'm tired. I didn't get a lunch so I've worked straight through, aside from a short stroll to pick up movie tickets from the gift shop. That has been the silver lining of the day because it reminded me of the fun day the hubby and I have planned for tomorrow. For tomorrow is not just Valentines' Day, it is all day date-day. The order of events are subject to change, but tomorrow will most certainly include:
  • Sleeping in. Oh yes. No alarm clock. Phones silenced.
  • A movie at Scottsdale 101. We've seen one movie at the theatre since November. We're movie buffs. I miss the stadium seating and loyalty cups and wonderfully greasy popcorn. I do. I miss it. I don't care what we see--except Friday the 13th. I refuse.
  • Fun, games, and grub at Dave & Busters. I mentioned in my Facebook random things I prefer a hockey game and concession food to a fancy restaurant...I also prefer a relaxed, fun, completely goofy time at D&B as well. We'll answer trivia, we'll nudge the other off the racetrack on the simulator racing game, we'll take a step back in time and do ski ball, I might even try my hand at raising a champion racehorse and have said racehorse run be over when I feed her the wrong snack. Just because. It will be glorious.
  • Takeout dinner and a chick flick movie rental by candlelight surrounded by the dogs.

Oh, I look forward to it so. I hope everyone has an equally wonderful Valentines' Day!

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