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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

9 week letter

Dear Peanut,

You do exist! We finally got to see you on Tuesday and I think it's starting to feel real. You seemed to be snoozing, nestled against me, but that little heart of yours was beating so fast! That's all I really wanted to see. That beautiful heartbeat of yours. The only thing that would have made it better would have been hearing it, but they didn't have sound hooked up. We did get some great pictures though. I like to gaze at them and marvel in the fact that you really are growing into a little person in my belly.

You're almost an inch long now, just about the size of a green olive. I like to refer to you as our little Godard baby. Your dad and I bought a piece of artwork on our honeymoon cruise by Michael Godard, who does most of his work involving green olives, so it's a particularly endearing nickname to us. You're also officially a FETUS this week, having graduated from your status as an embryo. This is a huge deal. The next milestone is 2nd tri. Let's get there quick, okay kiddo? If you'd like to ease up on the nausea and morning sickness before then, it'd be fantastic. Your poor mom is having a hard time right now. You hate anything dry so snack type foods like crackers aren't appetizing in the least. You like real food like your momma, but after just a couple bites, you're done. I've learned that the hard way when I'm tried to continue eating. My list of food aversions is growing. I knew you didn't like orange juice, but even oranges taste like toothpaste. Actually everything tastes different now. It's like my sense of smell and taste are heightened, but it's not all that enjoyable.

Another big thing happening this week is that we're starting to tell people about you. My mom, your Nana, is the first on our list due to scheduling issues. We wanted to tell her and your Grandad at the same time, but that just wasn't happening because he was flying out of town to work on his plane. That'll be fun. She'll be thrilled. We're also telling your dad's parents, Grandma and Grandpappy on Saturday. We also have some friends on our list to tell on Sunday. It'll be fun telling everyone and seeing their reactions. I'm preparing myself to have my belly manhandled. I'll try to keep from telling them it's fat/bloat and not actually you, but I can't make any promises.

I get the feeling this letter is kind of sloppily put together, but honestly kid, I'm exhausted. I just haven't felt well and haven't been sleeping well. You're so worth it, I know you'll show me this every single day once you're here, but it's a little rough right now. Despite the fact that you literally make me sick, I love you so much Peanut. Keep on growin', keep on growin'!

I love you.


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