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Monday, August 24, 2009

13 week letter

Hi Sweetie,

Yes, I know the letters have been few and far between. I haven't been feeling particularly great lately, but I do believe we are turning a corner, my little Peanut. We're now in the 2nd trimester, which is supposedly the "honeymoon of pregnancy." Let's hope so, if you're wanting any siblings. I'm not gonna lie, 1st trimester was miserable enough to have me thinking of making you our one and only. I believe this is when the amnesia that strikes all women starts and I'll forget all of the nausea, all of the days where I literally felt like I was turning green at the gills. The amnesia is necessary for them to willingly sign up for it all again, but don't get me wrong. It's all worth it for you. Really. I know I am unbelievably blessed to be having you. I won't forget that.

So this week you're pretty much done developing your major organs, which is the reason for the balancing of hormones and me feeling a bit better. There's less demand on me. Hopefully my energy will return soon too. We've got miles and miles of walking to do at Disneyland in a couple weeks, Kid. There's some pretty delicious food in the bargain if you're good. (Let's face it, there's some delicious food in the bargain even if you're not.) You're also about the size of a peach and you're growing quickly! It's surreal to think you were once the size of a poppy seed and you're going to be the size of a watermelon by the time you're born. Oddly enough, the fruit comparison that frightens me the most is not the pumpkin or even the watermelon. It's the cantaloupe. Perhaps because it's so much closer to where I am now and my mind cannot fathom my tummy expanding to accomodate either of the other two so I happily cover my ears and shake my head in denial.

I think pregnancy teaches patience. We had to wait 5 weeks to get confirmation from the doctor that you were real after finding out I was pregnant. From then, we have to wait upwards from 9-10 weeks before finding out if you're a boy or a girl. At our first appointment, we got to see your heartbeat, but we didn't get to hear it, so your impatient momma rented a home doppler so we could. You were too low in my belly at first, but it's gotten pretty easy to find you...until you start squirming, that is. Your heartrate has been strong and fast since the beginning. You've stayed pretty close to the high 170s. It's been really reassuring to be able to plop the little wand on my belly and find you. Moms worry. It's a fact of life. Hearing that whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, has really been awesome.

The next milestone is feeling you move and kick. I can hardly wait.

I love you, little one. With all my heart.


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