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Thursday, October 1, 2009

18 week letter

Dear Peanut,

So I haven't written, but my goodness have I been thinking about you. It's hard not to. Everything seems to revolve around you and our future with you. It's easy to have tunnel vision. So much has happened. We've seen you 3 more times, which has been amazing. You're a wiggle worm and you don't sit still! Some of the big news is that you have a name! (We considered keeping "Peanut," but I'm not sure you would appreciate it.) So Miss Kaelyn Evangeline, we are so excited to be expecting you.

Obviously you're a girl, though don't expect too much girly stuff in your wardrobe. We won't be strapping huge bows to your head, though I do like those ruffle butt shorts. I don't know why, but I find them precious on little diapered baby butts. I don't like purple much so your estrogen-infusion will likely be pink, but I suspect your wardrobe will primarily be gender neutral and hockey-themes. Hopefully you'll like hockey and get your daddy's sense of balance. Your momma isn't known for her gracefulness, that's for sure.

Now, your name is special to us because you're named after both of your grandmas. My mom's middle name is Kay and your dad's mom's name is Linda so we combined these and just changed the spelling a little. We just loved your middle name from the first time we heard it (specifically in a British accent on Nanny McPhee). Kaelyn's a very sweet sounding name. Deceiving considering we goofily dream of you being the first starting female NHL goalie. No pressure.

We're already talking about your future, what schools you'll attend, and how we want to be sure we travel with you and give you those life experiences. We're definitely planners. We want the world for you.

It's so fun getting to know you, even before we really do. Like I said, you're so active. Even the doctor yesterday commented on this. You don't stay in one place. Most babies just chill out in the womb, but not you. You're doing somersaults and testing your boundaries. I am just starting to be able to feel this. I can feel little tapping and sometimes I swear I feel the whirling effect of you flipping. You seem to have personality already. You like to look directly at the camera as though you're staring us down and at one point, you made binoculars out of your little hands. You also like to moon us. What a little booger you are already. That would be your dad's influence. Another thing is that you don't seem to like mornings and that's how I know we share the same DNA. I don't blame you, I really don't, but your dislike of mornings make my mornings much tougher to deal with.

On that note, I must add this plea: Kiddo, I have been nauseous for over 11 weeks now. This was supposed to end after 1st trimester. That was 6 weeks ago. I know I like to take my time and not be rushed so I imagine you're the same way, but seriously? Give your poor momma a break.

So there's a lot going on here in the outside world. We're changing out the flooring in the bedrooms so your nursery will have new floors very soon. Goodbye yucky carpet! By "we" I mean your dad, grandpa, and uncle, of course. I think I'll put another coat of paint on your walls and get some other things done while they work. We're also celebrating our 1 year anniversary this month by having a spa day and going out for dinner. Holidays are coming up quick too! I'm excited to decorate for Christmas, but I'm not sure how early I could get away with setting them up. Perhaps November. October would be pushing it.

Well I hope you're finding Momma's belly nice and comfy. Stay put and keep growing. I love you.

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