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Thursday, November 12, 2009

I knew this day would come.

My wedding/engagement ring set no longer fits. Boo.

The thing is that my fingers don't look tremendously swollen, but when the top 2/3rds of my finger turned a deep reddish purple when I tried to take the ring set off and then put it back on later, I knew I probably shouldn't force it anymore. It's been getting more and more difficult to take them off in the morning and I've had to go without my right hand moonstone ring for a couple of weeks now so I knew this was coming, but still. It's a sad day.

I suppose the bright side of this is that I wasn't stubborn enough to keep wearing them because I guess some women have had to get theirs cut off. The ring, not their finger. I'm not certain our "friend in the diamond business" would cover us under warranty for such an operation.

So I'm looking for cheapies. Since Kaelyn's birthstone will be aquamarine, that is, if she stays on schedule for a March birthday, I thought it would be appropriate to have something with that. Plus I love that stone, even the man-made variety. If it indeed turns out to be little one's birthstone, I'd love to get a nice know, after my fingers go back to normal size. For now, I shall avoid the 50 ct simulated stone "cocktail" ring...yes, there is such a thing and you too can own your very own for the bargain price of $14.97. Okay, I made up the price, but I forget where I saw it.

We're going to probably take a look at a store or two tonight for some temporary replacements, but I couldn't help but check out some places online. Here are the current contestants:
As long as this one doesn't look like children's costume jewelry in person, I like the idea of it. The band kind of reminds me of my right hand ring with the antiquey looking sides, though the stone is a lot more prominent on this one.

Pretty basic. I'm wondering if cubic zirconia might be the way to go though for this style.

The last one has Swarovski crystals in it to provide a bling-bling effect, but I'm not sure about the "rolling ring" part and how comfortable that would be.

I definitely need to figure out what ring size I'm up to and then probably go up a size from there to allow for continued...expansion.

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