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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The case of the lost jump drive

was solved (sort of) tonight. We looked everywhere multiple times. I was losing hope. I went upstairs to change clothes. That's when I heard Brady coming up the stairs calling to me. He found my jump drive...

in the pocket of the jacket I wear everyday. I wore it today. This means I had it with me all along. 


So a big thank you to my husband for finding it. I am incredible relieved to have it back and am working on password-protecting and backing up files at the moment. I've definitely learned my lesson. 

On a different note, pregnancy brain is out of control. This is just another prime example. I have no recollection of putting the drive in my pocket. It's not something I ever do because I'd be afraid of it falling out. I'm just incredibly lucky it didn't fall out somewhere at work today.


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