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Monday, January 4, 2010

What a difference a week makes

Just about this time last week...well, last Tuesday anyway, I felt completely uncertain about things. I kind of felt like I had been turned aside by my doctor and some things she said about delivering early when there was no medical reason left me feeling uneasy.

Today I went to see my new doctor, Dr. Hlavacek (Lava-check). I LOVE her. She made me feel so much better and both she and her nurse, Linda, told me how happy they were to have me there. She took the time to talk to me and explain her typical practices for delivery, etc. It turns out she left my former doctor's office in June (so that actually makes 3 doctors who will have left there in a year's time). She says that she liked that there's just one office for this practice and that all of the doctors have very similar personalities and beliefs on how the practice should be run, while the other office she described as each doctor going in their own direction. I also think that her having kids really helps because she's been through pregnancy. With her younger son, she had to have her appendix removed when she was 24 weeks so I know she's been through something that would really scary during pregnancy. I think it gives her a certain sensitivity. She was so personable and relaxed. She really made sure I felt reassured that even though I wasn't treated very well at the other practice, I would be there. She let me know that even though it's about a 90% chance I'll have her for my delivery (she's only missed 2 deliveries), that the other doctors have a very similar philosophy and style to her so not to worry, I'll be in good hands.

That was just the start of my good news:
--She said everything looks great. She reviewed my labs, clinical notes, vitals.
--She said my weight's right on track. (Remember how I was curious how my victory over Shrek feet would affect the scale? 5 lbs of water weight gone in less than a week.)
--She reviewed my 3 hour glucose test results and I don't have gestational diabetes. ::happy dance::

Oh and she explained their practices for inductions, which is what my former doctor had implied doing so she could deliver me before she left. She says there is no medical reason to justify it at this point. If there isn't a medical reason, patients have to meet certain criteria, including being at least 39 weeks and actually wanting the induction. 

So we're on the same page. I told her about wanting to go into labor naturally unless there's a medical reason to be induced or if I'm 41 weeks or so and there are complications that can arise by letting me go much further than that. She asked me about my wishes for pain management and I told her what I mentioned in my blog earlier. I'll see how it goes. If I can go the whole way without an epidural, great, but I'm not against getting an epidural at all.

I also feel like I'll get a more personal experience with her. Every time I saw my other doctor, she had me remind her how far along I was, if I was having a boy or girl, etc. Dr. Hlavacek made a note that I'm having a girl on the top of my chart along with Kaelyn's name. 

Oh and I scheduled all of my remaining appointments. Let me tell you, there aren't that many. I have another appointment in 2 weeks. The next appointment is 2 weeks later when I have a growth ultrasound. Then I go to weekly appointments. Sooo yeah, little girl is definitely on her way...and soon!

I feel soo much better. I feel like I can relax and enjoy the rest of the pregnancy now. For now, it's dinnertime and I think the Hubs and I have a night of mellowing out ahead of us :) 

Today I'm thankful for my wonderful new doctor and a healthy baby girl!

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