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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I love Ellen.

It's funny that my last post was a picture from Finding Nemo of her character Dory.

I tuned into Ellen when I got home from work today. She had a couple on for a special game segment. They have two kids, one of which is just 6 months old and the other is 3. The husband lost his job, their house foreclosed, they lived on credit cards until those were maxed out, their savings was cleaned out, and they've been living with friends. She kept surprising the wife with more money (I think they had the husband in on the secret). She ended up giving them $20,000. I can only imagine how stressful it's been for them and what an absolute relief it is now.

I admit it. I cried when she put her in the money machine (called "Gold Digger") and she got $2K, then handed her $3K tied with a red bow. After the commercial, I cried when she gave her $5K so they could have first and last month's rent for an apartment. I cried more when she gave her $10K to pay off their credit card debt because she said they needed to start fresh.

Ellen is awesome. Love her.

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