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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Everything else disappears.

It's a lyric in one of my absolute favorite songs--and one we used on our wedding CD favor. The lyric also applies to our beautiful daughter, Kaelyn. Entire days can slip away and the most productive thing I've done is feed and change her...and usually I'm able to fit in taking a shower and brushing my teeth. Usually. Otherwise, I'm perfectly content to do nothing but hold her. Nothing else matters. Everything else I thought was important disappears and it's just me with this adorable brunette snuggled up on my chest gripping my finger and making adorable little coos and snores.

There's a quote in Where the Heart Is--"How can you love someone so much you just met?" It's true. I loved her before she was born and the second I got to hold her, that love just multiplied infinitely and I got this overwhelming feeling that I would do anything for her. I simply adore this little girl and I love watching her change and discover new things everyday. Which leads me to say that this blog will likely continue to be neglected until I go back to work because honestly, I want to spend as much time as I can with her and time tends to slip away from me while doing that. As I mentioned, the Project 365 blog tends to be the only blog I'm updating on a semi-regular basis simply because it's a post a picture and run thing so keep an eye on that!

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