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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lunch Giggles

For the past few weeks, Thursdays have included a lunch date with the Hubs and Little. With the exception of Fridays when I am eagerly looking forward to the weekend ahead, Thursdays are my favorite weekday for this reason. The Wordless Wednesday photo for this week was from lunch last week, or on the way to lunch rather. I adore the feeling of getting into the backseat when they pick me up and Kaelyn immediately smiles. I love the routine of having her be a happy little baby for that hour, mesmorized by every goofy face I make, and then inevitably on the drive back to work, she starts to fall asleep. I love spending that hour with my little girl and getting to chat with the Hubs. ::squeeeeee::

I also love the fact that Kaelyn appropriately had a death grip (with both hands!) on my new necklace that features her birthstone and name.

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