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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

100 things that make me happy (Bucket list #23)

This isn't really in any particular order--just as things came to mind. I'll probably do more of these. It's a fantastic exercise to put you in a good mood and realize how good you have it.

Things that make me happy:

1. Little.

2. Little smiles.

3. Little laughs.

4. Watching Little discover things for the first time.

5. Little’s fluffy tushy in her cloth diapers.

6. Little’s coos.

7. Snuggles with Little.

8. Little snores.

9. Little bath time.

10. That Little LOVES water.

11. Kaelyn’s little hands and feet.

12. Her super soft skin.

13. Kaelyn’s feistiness.

14. Every little thing about Little, basically. I could write each out, but you get the idea: My daughter is awesome.

15. The Hubs.

16. The Hubs always wanting to make me happy/smile.

17. Being “like this” with the Hubs. (Inside joke—we’re usually on the same wavelength even with goofy things.)

18. Having a husband who’s willing to do whatever needs to be done around the house…without me asking.

19. The Hubs making me Frappes in the morning.

20. All the other little things the Hubs does that I take for granted most of the time.

21. Spending quality time with the Hubs, regardless of what we’re doing.

22. That the Hubs doesn’t drink alcohol.

23. What a genuine and thoughtful person he is.

24. Knowing I’m married to my best friend, who I can be entirely myself with.

25. The dogs and their quirky ways.

26. Doggie hugs.

27. How good the dogs are with Little.

28. Budaj’s “thank you” kisses before he’ll eat his food.

29. That Budaj turned out to be such a good dog.

30. Dogs following me wherever I go.

31. How much Gracie and Budaj love each other.

32. Our families.

33. That our parents love us as much as they do and we know they'd be there for us no matter what.

34. That my in-laws aren’t crazy. Again, not everyone in the world is so lucky. They’re wonderful and I couldn’t pick better ones.

35. That they raised the Hubs right and well. I know this has a lot to do with why he’s such an amazing husband.

36. Days off with Little.

37. Buying things for Little. It’s not as important as spending the time with Little, but it’s so fun to spoil her—er—I mean, “provide well for her.”

38. When I pick Kaelyn up from daycare and she gives me a BIG smile.

39. When she holds onto me tighter.

40. When she buries her face in my shoulder when she’s being shy.

41. Long weekends.

42. Vacations.

43. Planning things.

44. Using my creative/artistic skills…and that I have these skills.

45. Getting things really organized (and therefore, making life easier).

46. Being productive.

47. Feeling useful, knowledgeable, etc.

48. Being able to help others.

49. Situations that make me feel smart.

50. Beating the Hubs at chess. “Who loves ya, baby?”

51. Actually winning games in general makes me happy. I’m a lot more competitive than most people realize. I didn’t even realize it until a few years ago.

52. Knowing the Hubs and I are on the same page as far as priorities for Little.

53. Being a homeowner.

54. That I recovered from some financial pitfalls from a few years ago and now have excellent credit.

55. That I do seem to learn from past mistakes.

56. Memories of Sanibel Island. Searching for seashells, having my eyes open underwater, having staycations there, Jerry's Place shopping center, Cheeseburger Cheeseburger, Lighthouse Cafe, and hot dogs from the hot dog vendor in the beach parking lot that inevitably ended up with sand on them.

57. The beach/ocean.

58. Seashells.

59. That I’ve become a very strong person who sticks to her guns.

60. Bargains.

61. Kaelyn’s bright and colorful (and fun) playroom.

62. A nice cool bed to climb into at night.

63. Sunshine.

64. Rainstorms when I’m at home.

65. Good movies.

66. Good books.

67. Sitting in the shower and just letting the water fall on my back..

68. Pool days.

69. Time free of technology.

70. When Kaelyn grabs the sides of my head, pulls me toward her and attacks my face with her mouth and slobber. So. Cute. I don’t even mind the drool.

71. Learning how to properly use a SLR camera.

72. Feeling like I got the most out of a day.

73. Friends, new and those I’ve known for 15 years.

74. Inside jokes.

75. Acting like a kid.

76. Hole in the wall restaurants that have spectacular food.

77. Taking life at a slower pace.

78. Taking in nature—trees, sunshine, whatever it may be.

79. Seeing and feeling a difference when I make health-conscious decisions.

80. Clothes that fit well.

81. Genuine hugs.

82. Dancing with my husband.

83. Dancing with my daughter.

84. Going to the zoo.

85. Holding hands with the Hubs.

86. Comfort food.

87. Checking things off my to-do list.

88. Being asked for advice because someone respects my opinion.

89. Really soft, green grass under my feet.

90. A completely clean house, as rare as it is.

91. Completing a task I’ve been procrastinating.

92. Beautiful photographs/art.

93. Walking barefoot on the beach.

94. Getting my hands dirty/messy, whether it be dirt, sand, paint, charcoal, etc.

95. Having a shorter commute.

96. When the Hubs asks me for a hug.

97. Feeling appreciated.

98. The sound of ocean waves.

99. Beach music.

100. Flip flops.

101. Knowing I have far more than just 101 things that make me happy.

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