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Thursday, July 1, 2010

4 month letter

Dear Little,

Love you forever and forever
Love you with all my heart
Love you whenever we're together
Love you when we're apart

These lyrics ring especially true today. Today is your first day at Nada's house (AKA: daycare). This morning wasn't easy for me. I know it's good for you to get used to other people and to socialize with other kiddos, but it's the protective momma bear instinct in me. A coworker told me that it's not the quantity of the time spent together, it's the quality and I suppose that's true. I would love more than anything to spend every moment with you, but this time apart does make the time with you even more precious. Let me tell you, we have a blast together. You are so fun to be around. You're just starting to be able to reach for things and hold onto them--anything I show you, you want to grab (and ultimately put in your mouth). You love "airplane" and basically any game that involves whooshing noises. You also adore bathtime. So do I. We just moved up to the big bath tub because of how much you kick your little legs (read: spill water all over the floor). I tried having your whale tub in the big bath tub and you weren't having it, but you loved it when I'd get in there with you. (In the big tub, not the whale tub. If I managed to squeeze my butt into the whale tub, it would be permanently attached.) You seem so comfortable in the water--I'll help you float and you'll dunk your head back and start chattering (I think to hear your voice echo off the walls).

Oh and guess what? You laughed the other night. It was amazing and sweet and as whole-hearted as your smile. Daddy and I were both sitting there, you were on his tummy and he was making goofy faces and noises. All of a sudden, you belly laughed. Did you know you hold the top 4 spots for my favorite sounds in the world? (AKA: The most wonderful sounds in the world.) Your laugh. Your coos when you sleep. When you cried right after you were born. Your heartbeat on the ultrasound when I was pregnant with you.

You may notice your crying now didn't make the list. Not surprisingly, I hate to hear you cry, but there are two things that make it even worse: You do this lip thing where you curl down your bottom lip and it quivers. Saddest face in the world. The other thing is that you'll cry actual tears. Both break my heart. It's adorable and sad and endearing all at once.

(continued next day) Daddy and I aren't sure what to think of the fact that you've had one day at daycare and you already have a boyfriend. In case you ever wonder about childhood sweethearts, a little boy named Ashton was in love with you at first sight. He kisses your forehead and it is just so cute because you absolutely light up. Admittedly, it makes me feel better that you have a protector (not that you need it--you're a scrapper) because your Mommy was having visions of little toddler tyrants who would steal your binkie and make you cry. Little did I know there would me a miniature Casanova just waiting for you.

You're quite the laid back baby. During bottles, you'll put one or both hands behind your head. Not a whole lot phases you. You hate, hate, hate that stupid nose sucker, but we both feel better when you can breathe clearly, and you get really cranky when you're exhausted, but refuse to let yourself fall asleep. It's like you don't want to miss anything. Despite being pretty relaxed, I get the feeling that you need a change of scenery a lot. I think you get bored being in the same room too much. You insist on being able to look around and this usually involves standing. You know the second we start to sit.

One of your favorite things to do is pull Mommy's hair. Then you don't let go. Many times you end up with a few strands in your tiny little fist. You also like to grip the sides of my head, yank me toward you, and attack my nose. This inevitably results in a lot of drool. I love it though. It makes me feel loved (and slimy, but mainly loved).

Now, I know you already realize that your parents are a couple of goofballs, evident by the fact that we find no shame in making fart noises to your endless amusement. (I find myself spontaneously doing this at work as though it's a song that's been stuck in my head.) It should come as no surprise then that your Daddy has personalized some songs for you.

In the Little, Little, Little, Little, Little Room
In the Little, Little, Little, Little, Little Room
All the bottles are drank
And the diapers wet
In the Little, Little, Little, Little, Little Room

You find this hilarious, especially when accompanied by the dance.

Kaelyn, words cannot express what a wonder you are to me. What an amazing little girl you are. How much I love you and how much I am enamored with every little thing you do. You have a feistiness about you and you express yourself with such certainty. There is such confidence behind your opinions of what you like and what you don't. Hold onto that conviction, baby. Be strong always. Have faith in yourself and keep that determination I see in your eyes.

I can't imagine a more beautiful, remarkable little girl in all the world. I am and will always be grateful and in awe that I get to be your Mommy.

I love you, to the moon and back down to the dirt.


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