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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm changing my goals/rewards. Again.

I've decided that to stay motivated, I need to break up some of my goals/rewards or else the stretch in between goals can get to be discouraging. Yes, I change my mind a lot.

1-Kickstart my self esteem (lose 14 pounds)...8 lost, 6 to go.
Winkel & My Pal Scout

2-Pre-pregnancy weight; 1/3 of the way to ultimate goal (lose 9 more pounds)
Alphabet Zoo, Flash Beat Drum, Picnic Basket, Light-up Learning Camera (Choose 2)

3-30 pounds lost total--that's 6 bags of sugar! (lose 7 more pounds)
Chubbies Bucket, Blocks or books (I have a list)

4-Wedding weight (lose 8 more pounds)
2 Bean bag chairs, Ryan's Activity Center (there's a smaller version), Chubbies Bucket, Blocks (Choose 1)

5-Psychological happy dance (lose 6 more pounds)
Rocking horse, Mater Activity Ride On, Ball Pit (inflatable pool and balls) (Choose 1)

6-50 pounds lost. That. is. awesome. (lose 6 more pounds)
Explore and Learn Helicopter, Tunnel, Blocks, Puzzles (Choose 1)

7-BMI number I like (lose 11 more pounds)
Indoor playground/climber, Explore and Learn Helicopter, Tunnel, Blocks, Puzzles (Climber OR Choose 2 of others)

8-Home stretch. (Lose 7 more pounds)
Basketball set and T-Ball set or Table/Chairs (Choose 1 group)

9-Psychological Touchdown, including celebratory dance and spiking of...well, I'll have to find something to spike (lose 5 more pounds)
Sandbox and tools or Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon(Choose 1 group)

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