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Monday, July 26, 2010

Picking myself back up.

The McFatty Monday post has left a dark cloud over my day even though I wrote it yesterday. It still lingers in my mind. This irritates me. I hate how the bad weeks overpower all the good weeks. Isn't that like life? You can get praised and complimented for something, anything repeatedly then someone pops in and puts you down and it undos all the good? Why does the bad stick so much easier than the good? Ugh.

All in all, considering I had days that I cheated. I stopped for a Buck Double at Burger King, thinking that one slice of cheese it's lacking would grant me reprieve. Nope. 10 points. For. a. snack. Not good. I also found myself scarfing down things because I was hungry. I didn't think I should be hungry, but I was. I paid for it. Moral of the story? Perhaps more than a 5 WW point lunch for a pumping mom is in order. No wonder I was staaaarving. Not really, but I was hungry enough that I wanted to grab the first thing that I could get my hands on. I need to snack more during the day, but healthy snacking. Fruit. Veggies. Air popcorn. I got lazy with bringing snacks to work and just went without. I can't do that.

I also know I need to hydrate. Big time. We had a conversation in the office about how my coworker has been guzzling water and her new nifty scale still said she was dehydrated. Then it was thrown into the conversation that most women are dehydrated. In my head, I was thinking how they say breastfeeding moms need to drink even more water. I need to bring water with me everywhere. I get so much more thirsty now than ever and the fact that it's 900 degrees outside isn't helping. Drinking more water will help me feel fuller, thus fewer OMG, I must have a burger NOW moments.

I still want to get into more of a routine with exercise. Any kind. This is difficult I'm finding when Kaelyn's schedule is unpredictable and like this weekend, she refused to nap unless she was laying on me. No excuses, but it's just how it is. I know when it gets cooler, it'll be so. much. easier. to get out and get in some exercise. I just need to figure out something. According to expert Gwyneth Paltrow :eye roll:, every mom has time to work out. Every mom. This is on par with Heidi Klum advising women not to buy maternity clothes, but just buy up sizes in regular clothes and how she just moved up to a size 4 or something like that. More often than not celebrities should just keep their flippin' mouths shut. Yes, there's truth to what Miss Gwyneth had to say, but it comes off as know-it-all-like, doesn't it? It makes me bitter and want to go on about how it must be nice to only work a couple months a year, make millions, have a personal trainer and nanny and chef and then stick my tongue out. But that would be immature. I don't know the first thing about her life really so it's unfair, but I just don't appreciate the broad statement when she doesn't know about anyone else's lives either.

ANYway, I'm just trying to figure out what will work for me specifically. I could conceivably do no exercise whatsoever, just watch my WW points, and lose all the weight. It'll take a lot longer and I'd probably be more saggy-skinned at the end of it, but I could do it that way. But I don't want to be saggy-skinned, or minimally I need to do toning and exercise in addition to watching my WW points.
:deep breath: I can do this.

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