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Monday, July 12, 2010


Last week was not kind to me. I did one day of the 30 Day Shred and I was all gung-ho about continuing to do it...then I got a sore throat. Then I got a cold. Then my arms were killing me--seriously, I couldn't extend them out completely. I just felt crummy. I still do. I'm to the point where I sound as congested as I felt last week (so a lot of people are just now noticing I'm sick), my nose is cracked from Puffs overuse, and I developed a compulsion for biting my lower lip.

I was also bad. I stopped logging food I ate on Thursday morning (though I kept a mental list), drank my calories (because water tasted horrible and squishees, AKA Icees, sounded oh so good), and when I played catch-up with the food log, I realized I didn't just blow through my flex points. I took an extra 40. Perhaps to punish myself, I got on the scale last night and sulked. I thought all was lost for this week...

Then I got on the scale this morning and I have still maintained my weight loss of 2 lbs for this week. I had a "how the heck did that happen?" moment and slowly got off the scale. I'll take it, but I'm not sure I've earned it. I keep the weight loss ticker way at the bottom of the page up-to-date whenever I weigh myself during the week (for my own sake, but if you'd like to stalk me more often, there you go) and I was dreading having to adjust it to gaining weight so it was a big surprise when I logged into it and I didn't need to. So, over 9 pounds lost. 63ish to go.


Well I've concentrated a lot on what I did wrong this week--I also didn't take the stairs. Not once going up. I parked as close to the door as possible at work, rather than hiking in and working in some exercise. I'm not sure if I did anything really well this week. I'm being good about thinking through my food choices and I'm opting for healthier options. For example, at the mall food court, the Hubs and I pondered a snack to split. After having a sample from Charley's, I wanted it. It was so yummy. I stopped and reasoned with myself. How hungry was I? Not very. Not enough to have a big grilled sub. I could have eaten it, don't get me wrong. I would have devoured it, not because my body needed it, but because it tasted so good. But I didn't. I opted for hummus and pita. The pita is an unexpected number of points, but still healthier, and it was all I really needed.

I think being conscientious about how hungry I am and what I'm eating is becoming more natural. Hopefully I'll get to the point where I won't have to think about it so much and it'll be second nature. Hopefully.

This week, my goals are to drink more water, sneak in exercise as much as possible (like climbing stairs and parking further away even though it's hotter than heck outside), eat my apple slices again for snacks, and try very hard to do either the 30 Day Shred or Winsor Pilates a few times. I know that if it's between exercising and story time with Little, it will always be story time that I choose. That's just how it is. Small changes though to see big results.

Here's my summary of progress so far (because I think I need to see it laid out):

Starting date--June 4th
6/4-6/7 (official first Monday) -2 lbs
6/7-14 -0 lbs (-2 total)
6/14-21  -2 lbs (-4 total)
6/21-28 -2 lbs (-6 total)
6/28-7/5 -1+ lbs (-7+ total)
7/5-12 -2 lbs (-9+ total)

So in 5 full weeks, over 9 pounds lost.

5 pounds until I reach my first goal.
64 to go (if we're rounding) until my ultimate goal. (Though once I reach my first goal, it's down to 59, which sounds a whole lot better.)

I think I need to re-group and state my motivations for this weight loss:
To be a healthy role model for Little.
To keep up with Little.
To have energy.
To feel confident.

Stated more positively: To see photos of myself and feel proud of what I've accomplished.
To be healthy.
To be positive about myself and my body.
To have my focus be on more important things.

There we have it. I hope to be in the double digits for weight loss next Monday!
To not cringe when I see full-body photos of myself.

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