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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday

-Days off. "Tomorrow,'s only a day away..."
-Coupon codes. They make the frugal-minded part of me feel a sense of victory.
-Surprise for the Hubs I know he'll love.
-Movies that are better than I would have guessed.
-Gerard Butler. Just because. Bwahaha, Hubs.
-UPS mess-ups that result in free stuff. (One thing was damaged in transit so they delivered the rest and sent out the entire order all over again. Free BareMinerals, among other things. Score.)
-My sentimental jewelry that make me feel closer to my "ohana" even when I'm stuck at work.
-Google. Because I can find anything and fast...and people who aren't as experienced with the wonder that is Google think I'm a genius.
-Being able to help a friend who has a lot on her plate right now, even if only a little bit.
-The big, soft, homemade receiving blankets we were given by a family friend. I still love to use them when I cuddle with Little and are light enough that they don't overheat her. The Hubs doesn't call her a "furnace" for nothing.
-Baby slobber. It means "I love you," yes?
-That Little is such a determined, brilliant little girl...
-Digital video cameras. It is beyond easy to capture every moment.
-Upbeat, feel good music.
-Baby Beluga
-I Love You, Stinky Face

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