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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday

-RAIN. We were lucky enough to have it downpour for approximately 3 minutes the other night and will hopefully get more soon.
-Happy, smiley, giggly Little. Sometimes it feels like I will burst with love for her.
-A better setup in the guest room so I can have a workspace. Just don't open the closet door. Seriously.
-That the number on the scale is going in the right direction.
-A weight loss system that I can live with and don't feel deprived in the least.
-Dual monitors at work. Yes, I'm a dweeb, but it is awesome.
-Having a brilliant Hubs who does a lot of things behind the scenes so I don't have to worry about it.
-Promotions, which mean more savings.
-Story time with Little and how she watches me as I read to her.
-Transitioning to organic products that work great and that I feel good about because they are in no way, shape or form tested on animals.
-Finding really great shampoo and conditioner that are organic, not tested on animals, have fantastic ingredients (no sulfates, chemicals, or animal ingredients)...and were shockingly inexpensive!
-Subway accepting text orders and having an express lane. I was in and out of a packed restaurant in under a minute. To think, not too long ago, I didn't text at all.
-Again, having a short commute. It's fantastic.
-A patient Hubs who's willing to really work with our scaredy cat dog, Gracie.
-It's Me or the Dog--it's a great show and we're picking up a lot of good pointers to use with the dogs. I don't know what it is with the Brits between Victoria and Jo Frost (Supernanny), but they know their stuff!
-That the dogs are so sweet and gentle with Little and just simply adore her, even when she accidentally pokes them in the eye...and that she seems to love them too.

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