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Friday, August 6, 2010

A Day in the Life-Photo Blog

2:38a.m. Poor Little has a stuffy/runny nose and isn’t very happy about it. Mommy and Kaelyn head downstairs to give the Hubs a chance at a few more hours of sleep. We clear out her nose as much as possible then she snuggles in and falls asleep.

6:30a.m. The Hubs comes downstairs and gives Kaelyn her bottle. (no photo) He and Kaelyn then play for a little while and Mommy dozes off.

7:30a.m. The Hubs heads off to work and Mommy and Kaelyn play downstairs. (forgot to take photo)

8:15a.m. Kaelyn is exhausted, but refuses to sleep in Pack ‘n Play, but as soon as she gets cuddles from Mommy, both of us zonk out for a much-needed nap after a rough night.

9:35a.m. Wake up and head downstairs for a bottle. I decided to try our 6 month + sippy cups. Kaelyn definitely knows what they’re all about, but the flow is too fast for her yet and a lot dribbled down her chin so we switched to a bottle.

10:08a.m. Bananas: Take Two. She did really well and is figuring out how to eat solid foods. She doesn’t love it yet, but the idea is growing on her.

10:55a.m. Time to play! Her dolphin ride-on toy arrived yesterday and she’s taken to it really well. She’s getting better at sitting up on her own and she’s got the handles thing down! (The Hubs says the dolphin looks like a mix between a dolphin and Shrek.)

11:05a.m. Frappe for Mommy and Story for Little! She loves this book :)

11:25a.m. Playtime—Leap Frop table (well, minus the legs)

11:35a.m. Bouncer/Getting ready for bath time (since the bananas were a bit…messy.)

12:28p.m. After getting dressed and another bottle, Little goes down for another nap…which doesn’t last long.

12:50p.m. Little sounds the alarm and joins Mommy in the nursery, where I was sorting through clothes that she’s outgrown that I’m setting aside for my brother and sister-in-law, expecting a little girl in January. I made a comfy bed out of the laundry basket so Little would feel secure, be close to me (since I was sitting on the floor), and hopefully go back to sleep. Yeah, didn’t work so we went back downstairs.  I put Kaelyn in the bouncer since she seems to fall asleep easier in it.  No go and she’s cranky.

1:45p.m. Still awake so we watch Baby Einstein’s Baby Bach. Kaelyn is riveted and kicking and bouncing and smiling.

2:12p.m. Kaelyn still refuses to sleep even though she looks exhausted. Baby Einstein is over and she’s not thrilled about it.

2:13p.m. Random discovery. Monkey’s had a rough few days. (This would be one of the dogs’ toys.)

2:14p.m. Toy Story 2 to the rescue!

2:26p.m. Little finally falls asleep. Note Lumpy over her face.

3:38p.m. Little wakes up, just in time for the end of the movie and commences bouncing. We chit chat downstairs while Mommy pumps and gets Frappe #2 (which isn’t typical, but I was desperate for the kickstart).

4:09p.m. Bottle time in the guest room.

4:25p.m. Playtime and practicing sitting…and playing dress-up for photos.

4:42p.m. So many toys, so little time…

5:03p.m. Picture book time!

6:14p.m. Snuggles on the couch watching The Pacifier, while Kaelyn decides to nap for awhile before the Hubs gets home.

All in all, despite some fussiness (which didn’t quite reach Chernobyl level), we had a very good day. I love my days off with her :)

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