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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's Me or the Dog Tuesday

Well, not much to report on the dog training front. Part of my Amazon order got delayed--the part with the mini dog treats. Oh well. We'll hopefully get some training in this week.

We're working with the dogs, particularly Budaj about staying out of the kitchen and he seems to get it...except if there are distractions. There are frequently distractions. As a result, he'll forget himself entirely and come barreling into the kitchen. (I mentioned previously that our garage door is through the kitchen.)

The Hubs and I are getting better about not repeating commands. You know, if you tell a dog to "sit" and they don't listen so you say "sit" another 57 times until they finally do? Yep, that's a no-no. To the dog, the command is then "Sit" repeated 58 times. Say it once and wait for them to do it, unless of course they wander away or something. Reset the situation and say "sit" once and mean it. It's working. For example, we'll tell Budaj "Bed." Translation: Go to your cushy dog bed we bought you special from Costco and lay down. Now, for the most part, if we say it once and point, he'll go to his bed. Eventually. Sometimes I'll sit there with my arm thrown out to the side with my finger pointed for awhile before he realizes I mean it and I'm not going to do anything else until he goes to his bed.

This week I want to really get going with the "Leave it" command and "Wait." Eventually we'll get to the ones involving them retrieving the remote from the coffee table when I'm pumping and can't get up.

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