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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thankful Thursday

-Days off w/ Little
-Dancing w/ my little girl
-Being able to watch Little try to figure things out
-The Hubs and the fact that he does soo much around the house. I know this isn't typical
-Weight loss progress
-A good budget and savings plan
-Having a timeframe for the Hubs to be able to take his dream trip to Antarctica (actually, his dream would be to live there with the penguins.)
-Vacation planning
-"Knowing people" who can hook us up w/ free accommodations at a top-notch (see: ritzy) place
-Updated photos on the walls
-Feeling organized
-Cool weather on the horizon. Hopefully.
-Going along w/ that--A Zoo membership giving us free admission any day we want! (The cooler weather means we'll actually go.)
-Teething tablets. Miracle product.
-A splash (and squirt) pool on the way for Little and knowing she'll LOVE it.
-UPS possibly delivering the pool tomorrow rather than the estimated delivery of next Tuesday--WOOHOO!

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