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Monday, August 23, 2010

Today has cooties. Even for a Monday.

Today has been an odd day, which started last night with the buzz of police helicopters and the glaring light of the spotlights. I swear that we do not live in a scary neighborhood either. The helicopters were still circling this morning. We also discovered about 15 police vehicles scattered down our street and blocking the entrance to our subdivision. A line-up of officers had rifles pointed toward two houses.

Um, scary?  Long story short, it didn't turn out to be an illegals roundup, as I had hoped (I could just picture them piling a bunch of them into vans and escorting them to the border) and none of us were taken hostage (thinking due to watching the show "Flashpoint"). The situation is supposedly resolved.

That's been the sort of day I'm having though.

So I don't feel like McFatty Monday today, but because I refuse to skip it altogether, here's a recap of my week using bullet points (Oh the irony.):
  • I gained less than half a pound. I think this is bogus for a couple of reasons: I didn't go over my points and I'm having digestive--er--issues.
  • I was tempted to have a hot dog at the ball game yesterday. But it was the cheapy small one and like I said, I didn't go over my points allowance.
  • Still no yoga. Baby yoga, yes.
  • I know I'm dehydrated. I know I need to change my water intake ways.
  • I did have soda this week, but it's lost its finesse. Even Taco Bell soda. This development produces mixed emotions because their soda is awesome and oh so fizzy.
  • I'm taking the stairs 98% of the time.
  • I'm experiencing weight loss loose skin syndrome (WLLSS) It ain't pretty. Yes, I just made that up.
  • Nothing fits right. I have no jeans that are comfortable. They're either too loose or more often, too tight. I'm like the Goldilocks of denim.
  • I big puffy heart Smart Ones by WW. Most are pretty tasty (one was less than stellar) and I love the snack options. In fact, I'm going to do some reviews in another post.
That is all. Hoping for a turn-around week this week and a more enthused post next Monday.

Kind of going along with last week's question--when you're having an off week and you're stressed and just wanting to turn into an emotional eater, how do you turn it around?

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