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Monday, August 30, 2010

"What a week I'm having!"

Anyone like the movie Splash? If you do, you probably know that quote...and if you know that quote, you know it's not a good thing. Not as bad as Eugene Levy's--after all, he wound up in double arm casts, but still. Last week wasn't good at work and otherwise, we were busy (a good thing, but threw me off diet-wise), and it just felt like an odd week. Today I'm still feeling the leftover ickiness from work last week. I also am having stomach complications. Didn't I use that as an excuse last week? Doesn't make it any less true.

Slight weight loss last week. Basically, you'd have to use a magnifying glass to see the drop on my weight loss tracking chart. I'm pretty sure I stayed within my points last week, but it was a photo finish. I may have gone over, but I don't think my weigh-in this morning was accurate because of the forementioned stomach complications.

I'm feeling discouraged. It's true what I read while I was pregnant about women saying how their body shape is still different even after having their baby. Things just fit different now. I have a big ol' tummy pooch that keeps anything from fitting well. It makes me go up a size when the rest would fit fine. I'm less than 10 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight and no, I wasn't thrilled when I was at that weight, but the clothes I wore then don't seem close to fitting the same. Shirts are a challenge because my boobs are doing their thing with breastmilk and it was already hard enough to find long enough shirts.  Yes, a size is just a number, blah, blah, blah, but I want to see a lower number on my jeans. I want to see that number on the scale decrease with some consistency I can count on.

I've been thinking this week that maybe all the sodium I'm getting in the freezer foods are dehydrating me. I had some major swelling issues during pregnancy and maybe my body is still sensitive to sodium's impact. Sure, I'm sticking to my points, but if I'm not hooked up to IV fluids all day, there's no way I can keep up with water intake to balance it out. Maybe I need to do a sodium cleanse like I did at the end of my pregnancy when I lost 10 pounds of water weight in a weekend. Basically, it was all low-sodium food and lots of water. I need to do something because I feel stuck and I'm not having that warm fuzzy feeling about Smart Ones if it turns out they're the culprit causing water retention and therefore, slower weight loss.

I think this week I might change it up and switch to salads for lunches and take some of that yummy apple sauce I made for Little to work for snacks. I really need to make one huge batch of it so we're stocked in the fridge for awhile (I already froze the batch I made yesterday). It's nothing but gala apple goodness.

I'm also determined to get more water in my system. Did you know that most people are dehydrated? Women are worse than men and nursing/pumping women are even worse. I keep saying I need to up my water intake, but it's about time I actually do it. That's goal #1 for this week. I'm tracking it, along with my WW points.

Goal #2 is to keep up with doing body brushing every day. Not familiar with the idea? Basically you use a natural bristle brush (I got mine at Ulta for maybe $6, while on the cruise ship they wanted me to drop $60+ for the same thing. But "it'll last forever!" Right.), start with your feet and in a short sweeping motion, brush towards your heart. It has a lot of benefits, including aiding digestion, giving the lymphatic system a boost (this is why it helps when you're starting to come down with a cold), clearing out toxins, breaking up fat/cellulite, and a lot more. Basically the goal being to clean up my system and get rid of the toxins.

Small steps, but hopefully this will make me feel better from the inside out.

Motivation this week: I will lose weight to get better self confidence. I feel self-conscious and fidgety with clothes because I need to lose weight. This feeling won't change or go away unless I do something about it.

Also, getting stuff for Little as rewards. For example, the purple puppy Little was munching on in last week's Wordless Wednesday was a reward for meeting my first goal.

What's your meal plan for weight loss? Do you have a strategy?

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