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Monday, September 13, 2010

I've lost a Little!

Not really, but I lost more than what she weighs! (She weighed in at her 6 month appt at just over 19.) I've lost 20.2. Over 20 pounds, people. That's 4 bags of sugar. That's a LOT of weight. Inches-wise, since starting back in June, I've lost 3+ from my waist and 3+ from my hips. I've also lost some from my upper thigh and so forth, but those are the main areas.

This also means that I met goal #2 and my reward is ordered and on its way! The reward for this goal is a baby ball pit for Little. I'm starting her off with a small inflatable pool and will just upgrade her down the road--I have my eye on getting a bounce house w/ attached ball pit at some point. I'm excited. I think she'll like it. I only ordered one bag of ball pit balls to make sure they're a good quality because I know we'll need a few more bags eventually.

I was a bit dumbfounded by the scale this week (in a good way) because the number kept on dropping. It was amazing. I'm pretty sure it had something to do with the "detoxifying" effects of body brushing, but I don't care. I ate pretty well up until Friday, even with being sick and making impromptu lunch runs to the cafeteria, rather than something from home. I stuck to my daily points better this week, but as planned, I splurged for my b-day weekend. We're talking a delicious full breakfast, pizza (only 2 slices), wings, a Coffee Plantation Mocha Mind Freeze (yum.), a free Jersey Mike's sub, etc.

Now, about that progress photo--is it just me or is my arm looking pretty stinkin' slim? I've heard a lot of times that's where you lose weight first and I have noticed that they feel less flabby. Perhaps carrying around and hoisting an almost 20 lb baby in the air is helping?

Anyway, I'm pretty stoked. I have a long way to go yet, but 53.6 pounds to lose sounds a teensy bit better than 73.8, yes?

Things that are working to my advantage: The weather here is supposed to start mellowing out. In other words, not be so flippin' hot. This means trips to the zoo, walks and spending a lot of time outside. I'm hoping more activity means more consistent weight loss. I also just received my yoga DVD so I'll be starting that this week.

Goals for this week: Drink more water. (This is kind of a standard one now until I actually follow through with it.) 2 yoga sessions. Clear out the leaves outside (which should amount to some exercise).

Is there an activity or modification of something you do to get exercise that doesn't feel like "exercise"? I need suggestions.

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