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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Non-Monday McFatty Monday

'Tis the norm now to have McFatty Monday fall on a Tuesday, Wednesday, and sometimes Friday. I probably should get back on track with this. In any case, I lost more weight last week. Exactly a pound. Woohoo. This brings me to 22.2 total since June, 51.6 to go. I think that last number is what keeps discouraging me. I have to remind myself I started off with 73.8 pounds I wanted to lose so I've come a long way already.

My confidence level is going up. I mentioned last week how I can see my body shape starting to change and I see the potential. I know I can lose weight.

I'm into watching Biggest Loser this season, though I tend to zap through a lot of the drama stuff. I don't have the time or attention span to watch a 2 hour show. Whoever thought of this idea clearly doesn't have children. It's both encouraging to see the progress these people make and discouraging because the results aren't realistic. They workout for 3-4 hours at a time...who can possibly pull off this kind of schedule in normal life? They lost 15, 20, 30+ pounds the first week. Um, seriously? What's worse is that the contestants who lost the least say things like "I worked so hard and I only lost 12 pounds." Dude. That's 12 pounds in a week. I've lost 22 pounds in 4 months and I feel like I should be happy about that and proud of the weight loss, but I sort of feel like an underachiever in comparison.

The Hubs questioned how good of an example Biggest Loser really is and I agree. I played devil's advocate though and said that maybe the negative health risks of losing weight too fast is outweighed by the health risk of staying at their unhealthy weights. Most were given wakeup calls about what the extra weight is doing to their bodies--how it's shortening their lives, how the fat is building around their hearts, and one guy was told he has diabetes.

Still. I don't watch the show for the workout tips. I just like to see the progress--the weigh-in in particular. It's the same reason I like to see before and after photos for weight loss. It's inspiring to see the changes.

Last week I sort of flew by the seat of my pants and didn't really track my food. I'm trying to be better about that this week. My achilles heel for weight loss is that I could live on quesadillas. For realz. Ask the Hubs. I could eat one every day. They're okay every now and then and I'll modify it to be open faced, but they don't have a whole lot of good nutritional content. Cheese could be its own separate food group with me--you'd think I were French.

I kind of feel like I'm at the top of that really tall hill on Space Mountain. You know, with the tiny fake people in the control booth? I'm waiting for that "Wheeeeeeee!" moment once I get on the other side. At this point it's reaching the next goal. It's not going to be all downhill, zipping down to my ultimate weight goal after that, but it'll be a fantastic feeling anyway.

My goal rewards change a lot so I'm just going to remind myself what I'm working toward:

Goal 1 Met (-14.8 lbs): My Pal Violet and V-Tech Camera
Goal 2 Met (-20 lbs): Ball Pit
Goal 3 (-25 lbs): Tunnel
Goal 4 (-32 lbs): Sandbox
Goal 5 (-37 lbs): Tent Combo Set
Goal 6 (-43 lbs): Rocking Puppy
Goal 7 (-49 lbs): Blocks
Goal 8 (-55 lbs): Wagon
Goal 9 (-60 lbs): Water table

Goal 10 (-67 lbs): Indoor swing/hammock chair
ULTIMATE GOAL--Goal 11 (-74 lbs): Bounce House or Outdoor Climber

These, of course, are likely to change. A lot. It's fun to think about though.

Goal for this week: Meet Goal #3. Drink 100-120 ounces of water per day. Go for a long walk (since it's cooling off!)

Motivation for this week: Roll to the next tenth. Jeans-weather on the horizon and I want a smaller size!

Question: How do you resist temptation (particularly "comfort" food)? Any good and semi-healthy holiday recipes?

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