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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baby shower invite

As a favor to a friend, I put together invitations for her niece's baby shower. Here's what should be the final draft. Babies, babies, everywhere...and LOTS of girls!

Cute though, right? She loves animals and picked baby giraffes for her shower theme.

I'm considering starting a side Etsy business--invites, announcements, that sort of thing. Just stuff that I can design and have printed [by someone else] rather than re-living our wedding invitations fiasco of 2008. The pains of dealing with an inkjet printer that liked to crunch paper and needed ink refills constantly--not to mention paper cutters and vellum issues and trying to have the monstera leaf on the insert cards line up just so--evidently last longer than labor pains. Who would have thought it? The computer I used for these is limited to Paint and Microsoft Publisher...I can do a lot more with my normal software programs. (There's more I would have liked to do with these, like have the polka dot pattern slightly show through under the text.

Oh well, just a thought. If anything develops out of it, I shall let ya'll know. There's a lot of competition in the Etsy market, after all.

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