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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"I'm not fat, I'm FLUFFY!"

Eh, doesn't apply here. I feel more squishy than anything.

I shouldn't complain too much. I've been teeter-tottering at the same weight even with having to consider "variable change". For example, in my weight loss plan, I didn't think my back would go out. Then I didn't think I'd get sick or that Little would get sick again. Here's the thing: When I'm sick, I don't like water. It tastes all sorts of disgusting to my froggy, scratchy, ucky throat. My priorities also shift. I care less about what I'm eating if it means I don't have to put forth an effort to cook it.

Considering I had my queso dip and ate it too this week (and still ended up down 1/2 pound), I have nothing to complain about. It just adds to my theory that I've loaded up on processed foods, drank my calories via soda, and haven't drank my daily water goal in even a week's time, which means I should have a big week this coming week if I get my act together and get rid of the retained water. "Big" meaning officially reaching my next goal, legitimately. I briefly exceeded the goal, but I knew it would be temporary.

Updated Goals:

Goal 1 Met (-15 lbs): My Pal Violet and V-Tech Camera

Goal 2 Met (-20 lbs): Ball Pit

Goal 3 Met (-25 lbs): Alphabet Learning Zoo Spinning Wheel and Tucker (Wheel Pal)

Goal 4 (-32 lbs): Tent or Bean Bag Chairs

Goal 5 (-37 lbs): Indoor hammock chair and puzzles (or books)
Goal 6 (-43 lbs): Wheel Pals tracks or floor piano
Goal 7 (-49 lbs): Fisher Price A to Z Learning Zoo or Shopping cart w/ accessories

Goal 8 (-55 lbs): Sandbox/table or bigger ball pit

Goal 9 (-60 lbs): IKEA shopping spree for chairs/table, etc. or wagon

Goal 10 (-67 lbs): Art easel and supplies or magnetic board w/ letters and numbers
ULTIMATE GOAL--Goal 11 (-74 lbs): Bounce House or Outdoor Climber or Playhouse

Now it hasn't worked out too well when I've planned too far ahead with rewards, but that's what my plans are thus far.

Rewards=Motivation so let's get crackin'! Could someone locate my energy? I seem to have misplaced it and I have a growing tolerance to caffeine. (In other words, send more coffee as well.)

Not too much to say on the weight loss front, (but thought I should check in) except that my old work pants fit again and not in the sausage stuffed in casing feeling. They're actually comfortable. I ordered some Black Friday Old Navy deals and hopefully the jeans fit (their sizes seem to vary quite a bit)...I have so many formerly "skinny" jeans that I'm still not able to squeeze into that are on standby. I say "formerly" because in the end, they'll be a stepping stone. My ultimate weight goal will be several sizes lower...and that'll be wonderfully lovely, won't it? I'll close on that dreamy thought.

How are you handling holiday party eating? Thinking ahead, do you set New Year's Resolutions or do they have too much of a bad rep?

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