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Monday, November 1, 2010

This feels slightly diet-ish...

Some of the good things about not pumping anymore: no scheduling restrictions, no more pain (there was at first, but not anymore), no more nursing bra.

A negative: A lot lower WW points allowance. Oh. em. gee. I didn't even know I was spoiled.

The way WW points works for nursing/pumping is an added 2 points per pump session. On a typical day, that amounts to 8 points for 4 sessions. I enjoyed those 8 points, I enjoyed them quite a lot actually. This meant I could guiltlessly indulge in a second Frappe during the day (which I also need for the caffeine, teething baby and all). I miss my 8 points.


Yes, I also know I took a hiatus from doing McFatty Monday posts. I was holding my breath to figure out how my body would respond to no longer pumping and honestly, I was frustrated with the teeter-tottering scale number. I couldn't figure out how it varied so much.

So. When last we spoke--or I wrote--I was at a 24.6 pound weight loss. I'm pleased to report I've lost 26 now. Considering the up and down business, mainly up, on the scale lately, and the fact that I starting rebelling against WW points allowances, I'm happy with that number. I'm on my way again moving in the right direction. I'm 5.8 pounds from my next goal and 18.8 pounds away from doing sommersaults w/ my first major psychological touchdown (there's one more goal in-between)...and unlike in the NFL, celebratory dances are encouraged, if not required.

The negative here is that I'm behind with meeting my goals. For example, in my handy goals/rewards index card, I had anticipated reaching my next goal just about 2 weeks ago. That's the problem with setting goal dates, though I don't really see a way around it. Maybe set goal dates for the "milestone" goal weights and the in-between ones can vary a bit. I don't know what system works best, but not meeting a goal by a certain date kind of feels like a failure when it really shouldn't if I ultimately do meet the goal.

On the other hand, I've lost 26 pounds in 5 months and kept it off. I haven't done a fad diet or starved myself then binged and bungeed back up 38 pounds or something. It feels controlled and steady. I'm below pre-pregnancy weight (even if pregnancy changed how I carry weight and how clothes fit--or don't fit) and now I'm working on that pesky post-"I Do" weight. You know, for my own reference, here are ze goals as they stand today (and my planned reward for some):

Goal 1 MET: -15 lbs V-Tech Camera and My Pal Violet
Goal 2 MET: -20 lbs Ball Pit
Goal 3 MET: -25 lbs Alphabet Spin and Sing Zoo & Wheel Pal
Goal 4: -32 lbs Bean bag chairs or Tent/Tunnel
Goal 5: -39 lbs Learning Zoo
Goal 6 (by New Year's): -45 lbs
Goal 7: -51 lbs
Goal 8: -57 lbs
Goal 9 (by Kaelyn's 1st b-day): -62 lbs
Goal 10: -69 lbs
Goal 11 (by Denver trip): -74 lbs

I hesitate to even put dates for the big milestones, but I think they're reachable goals. Something that's definitely going to help is that we've made up a doggie walking schedule since our routines vary and the dogs seem...bored. For our starter week, for weekdays alone, we're each assigned to 5 walks, each about 30 mins each. Good start, I'd say. The dogs get exercise, we get exercise, Kaelyn gets to take in the sights and sounds (she's included in a lot of the evening walks). In future weeks, evening walks will probably get extended, but for now, it gets us moving and taking advantage of the cool weather. We've got a solid 6 months of really good weather so this will hopefully help me in my weight loss, too.

The other thing is that we're getting Budaj some agility equipment this month. It's right up his alley considering his jumping abilities. This will also take some physical effort on my part working with him.

I'm all about exercise that doesn't feel like exercise.

Anyway, I've turned a page with saying fairly well to pumping (and those 8+ extra WW points), which was only a matter of time, and now getting more active.

Oh and I have a question: How is it that I can lug around a 20 lb+ baby, hoist her in the air, and so forth and not have arms of steel? Seriously.

Motivation (courtesy of

Before/Current (I thought it only appropriate that I have my model rock a pony tail.)

 Before/Ultimate Goal:

Alrighty then.

How do you handle setting goals? Is there a timetable? Do you cushion it? 

Also, what do you most look forward to about reaching your goal weight? Let's say your top 3.

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