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Monday, December 27, 2010

Apologies, I am anti-McFatty today.

Just so I can say I "checked in" and I am being accountable, I will report that I'm about a pound heavier than my last post two weeks ago. It's the holidays, 'tis the season for overeating, fa la la la la, la la la la. Plus that had been post-food poisoning so it was to be expected. It's still disappointing not to make progress, but I can't really expect to drop pounds when I'm being lurred by queso dip, bean's really the dips that do me in. I really do want to get going with this losing weight business. Truly I do and I start to feel like I'm just making excuses when things simply do keep coming up--between getting sick and being sleep deprived and having my back vary in pain level from achy to hunchback. I hate justifying it, even if the reasons are totally legitimate. It's always excuses, it's always passive complacency. Grr. Time to get my head back in this.

Oh and I have my 7000th cold this year. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but still. My immune system has left the building. Probably not getting enough sleep has something to do with it too, but all's I know is that what the Hubs said last night is true--if it's not one thing, it's another with me. He then directed me to my vitamins.

Also? My car was having startup issues last week and was completely dead this morning. Lovely. Fortunately the Hubs was sweet enough to jump start it and take it himself so he can get the battery changed today.

Oh and the Mac desktop still gets the grey screen of death telling me I need to restart my computer...which never works. It won't boot up anymore even after wiping the hard drive clean and booting from the startup disks...any Mac people have any insight before I drop cash on DiskWarrior? It's only 3 years old and sat idle in a corner for many moons. (Admittedly, in a non-temperature controlled room and rarely got shutdown entirely...yes, I'm a bad computer owner.)

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