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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Big...


Yes, Ladies and Gents, as in four-zero, as in pounds. I've lost 40 pounds in 7 months. Since last I blogged about McFatty Monday, after skipping last week when I had no weight loss whatsoever, I lost 2.5 pounds.

No, not setting any records here, but for anyone who has tried to lose weight, it's not always easy to stay consistent or to not be tempted into just giving up. I'm pretty proud of myself, if I can say that and not sound full of myself. I'm proud that I've stuck it out and that when I've had a rough week, I pick myself up and get back to it the next.

That said, I'm going to pick it up over the next few months. I have a "let's get this party started--er--finished" attitude.

I actually did do two pilates workouts last week. They're short and intense and I was sore the following days, but I felt it working. I couldn't do everything in the workouts, which is what has been the case when I've gotten in my pilates kick in the past. It'll just take some time and I'll be doing more and more. I did one workout that focused on abs and one that focused on buns and thighs. (These would be from the Winsor Pilates product line if you're curious.) I don't find Mari terribly annoying so it's n

ot too bad to see her a few times a week. This week, I'm going to do two workouts of each so four total. I can already imagine what my muscles are going to feel like. The great thing about pilates is that it builds lean muscle. Muscle burns calories even when you're just sitting around. It's also not intense working out and I don't even have to leave the comfort of my own living room. I just have to shoo Budaj away from licking my face when he becomes concerned that his mommy is stretched out on the floor acting rather peculiar.

I'd like to get in a walking/jogging routine as well. Either of the dogs would make an excellent jogging companion. This is just where the excuses come into play--I don't have time, I think Little would rather be playing and exploring than sitting in the jogging stroller, I'm tired, I have way too many other things to do since the house doesn't clean itself and my to-do lists might as well be scrolls (that would probably be a more orderly way of managing my lists). All of these are true. The fact remains, however, that I want to feel "fit." I suppose that requires some formal physical exertion. In other words, stop making excuses lady and get moving.

For the past couple of weeks, I've been borrowing some ideas from the weight loss plan my buddy Deanna is using to try to be sure I'm eating a balanced amount of food from each food group. I think I'm more aware of it since I pay such attention to Little's meals that there's protein/dairy, veggies, fruit, grains and that she's getting a good balance. I want the same for myself. I want to be a good example for her so she doesn't have the food issues that I did, so that she has a healthy relationship with food. That said, I will point out that creative WW points management allowed me to get Schlotzsky's one day and Saturday, I had a big cheeseburger inspired by Man v. Food where the cheese oozed out of the middle. Oh and fries to go along with it. Yeah, you can say it: YUM. So yes, there is room for favorite foods. It's in moderation and it's not every. single. day. It's just accounting for reality because I know that if I tell myself I'm only going to eat egg whites and salads, I'm going to be scarfing down a burger before I even get all the way out of the drive thru. I'm learning self-control though. I used to reach the "wall" of being completely full, but continued eating simply because the food tasted good. I'm getting better about recognizing when I'm full--sometimes I do overeat and I'm a self-confessed emotional eater, but I realize when I'm doing it (and therefore feel guilty the entire time, haha).

Speaking of Deanna (you know, way at the beginning of that ramble), here's how my weight loss buddies are doing:
  • Deanna's frustrated that sticking to the weight loss plan of 1,200 calories a day and making sure to get healthy servings from each of the food groups every day hasn't produced results. Yet. She's also drinking a ton of water. I'm hoping (and I know she is too) that the weight loss will catch up with her.
  • Sherry's converted to being as close to gluten-free as possible due to some health issues. It was suggested to her that she might have a gluten intolerance, which has caused her stomach and sinus issues. So far, she's lost 4+ pounds, hasn't had any relapse of her IBS-like symptoms (even without taking her Reliv, which is what had helped in the past), and says her clothes are already starting to fit better.
So I no longer have a WW weight loss buddy, but having friends who have the same ultimate goal of losing weight is helpful, particularly when it's healthy methods rather than the latest fad.

Oh and I have to report that I had a surprising trip to the fitting room this past week. I didn't cringe when I looked in the mirror. Not once. Everything FIT, though it was the shorter lengths of the dresses I tried on that prevented me from buying. There was one in particular (it's a "shirt-dress") I might go back and get, wear it on a date night with the Hubs when I feel like being a little "daring" or something. (Though based on the photo to the right, the length is totally appropriate and even longer. Hmm.) In thinking of the clothes/outfits I've pondered when I reach my goal weight, this is at the top, inspired by Kate Beckett of Castle fame. It has nothing to do with the fact that the Hubs has a bit of a crush on Miss Kate. I saw the episode and said: I have to have it. There are clothes I buy because they're on sale, even though I'm not 100% sold, but this one--Love in the dressing room. I even double-backed a couple of times after I put it back to ogle and sigh.

Motivation for this week: I am SOOO close to a huge psychological milestone that I can't stand it. I'm hoping to reach it (5 more pounds) in two weeks. Yes, that averages over the 2 pound max weight loss per week the experts recommend, but I want to get there so badly. When I reach that goal, I may just go buy my "Beckett dress" in a smaller size!

Goals for this week: 2+ pounds, 4 pilates workouts, drink MORE WATER--I love my Klean Kanteen, it keeps my water so icy cold...this week I'd like to get up to drinking at least 5-6 per day.  It's 20 ounces, then subtract a few ounces for ice (which takes, no joke, about 24 hours to melt) and that would put me right at 75-90 ounces a day as a goal for this week. (I want to gradually increase that every week.)

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