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Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Fat" to one is not "fat" to others.

Last week, I talked about my besties (yeeeah, not sure I can pull off that kind of lingo), who both happen to be shorties. A couple days after I posted that, I was talking with Deanna about how relative weight is. We spent a few minutes pulling up the healthy BMI ranges for different heights. I told her that,\ for my height (6'0"), her current weight (on her 5'1" frame) is considered underweight for me. Well, let me tell you, she needed a crane to pick her jaw up off the floor. She couldn't believe that a healthy range could possibly be as high as mine.

For the record, "healthy" for Deanna's height is between 98 (um, reeeally?) and 132 pounds
"Healthy" for me is between 137 and 184 pounds.

Gives you a little perspective, doesn't it? Now, people are self-centered--don't roll your eyes, we can't help it--so we base our perceptions on what's normal for us. We don't consider the people standing around us. For example, I've been told straight to my face by an educated, very nice person that they think 150 pounds is fat. She kept on about it and perhaps I imagined it, but she really enunciated "150" and "fat" like she were spitting at me. This stumped me. How much did she think I weighed?

Random Googling brought me to this site:
 and made me feel soo much better. It's nice to have more accurate comparisons.

Moral of the story? #1- "Fat" to you might be somebody else's "Yeah, never gonna happen because I'd look sickly" weight. #2- Don't compare goal weights with your friends. Particularly if there's an 11-INCH difference in height.

Oh yeah, and don't say that 150 lbs is fat, mmkay? It hurts my feelings.

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