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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The *asterick to yesterday's McFatty post

In the context of the post and my mood yesterday, by "fat," I meant:

sluggish, heavy, weighed down, lethargic, discouraged, like I did at my heaviest...

like crap, basically.

It doesn't mean that I think I'm fat. For the record.

I know a few pounds is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount I've lost up to this point, but it's incredibly frustrating regardless of the reason for the weight gain. In my case, it's probably water retention due to an extremely high sodium diet for the few days we were at Disneyland. I'm mad that I can do everything right for so long, make progress, I give myself leniency for a few days, while still getting 12 hours of walking in per day, and I pack on pounds. It doesn't seem fair.

BUT I'm not a victim, I know what I need to do so I'm doing it. Hopefully it makes a big impact this week.

I just want to reach goal already. I'm doing this the right way, but sometimes (and I've said this before), I just want to say: "Are we there yet?"

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