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Monday, August 8, 2011

It's hard to look cool on a Segway.

Yeah, didn't pull it off last night when the Hubs and I zipped around a resort and shopping complex on a Segway Tour (a b-day present from last year that was about to expire). In fact, I almost ate pavement when I tried to be a daredevil speed demon. I didn't, but I did fly off the side and land on two feet. I'm like a puma that way.



(In the course of the weekend, I managed to slam my index finger in the car door, burn my pinky finger, slam my toes in a door, and have a mystery bruise appear on both legs.)

Anyway, despite this near-catastrophe, this wasn't our first go-around on a Segway. Before our Honeymoon cruise, we did a day at Disneyworld and did a tour of Epcot before the park opened. Then when I was about 15 weeks pregnant, we went to Disneyland for my birthday and did a tour of California Adventure. In other words, we are at ease on this nifty mode of transportation.

When the Hubs forwarded me the camera phone photos, I noticed something.

For a couple of goofballs wearing helmets, we. are. looking. good.

Comparing to Sept. 2009...

(The Shorty on the left is BFF Sherry.)

I'm about 55-60 lbs lighter from there. The Hubs? Almost 40 lbs lighter.

That's right, I haven't mentioned the Weight Loss Ninja. 2 months or so in and he's down a current Little and a half. So proud. So proud and perhaps a small percentage jealous, hehe

Anyways, had an off week--I didn't fall off the wagon, but my body simply isn't cooperating. But I'm continuing on, charging ahead. Usually a bad week is followed by a good week :knock on wood: so hopefully a more extensive McFatty Monday post next week.

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  1. I've always wanted to go on a Segway tour! They look like so much fun!