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Friday, November 14, 2008

"How's married life?"

It's right there in the top questions newlyweds get asked. (That and when they're planning to reproduce.) It's sort of a silly question isn't it? Do they anticipate a groan? Won't they be annoyed by a giddy, gushing response?

My short answer? Wonderful.

The long answer? Read on.

The day after the wedding, Brady and I were lounging at the Phoenician pool and we were talking about how the wedding day felt like any other day. We didn't feel any different. It turns out, Pat, flower girl Michaela's dad and matron of honor Sherry's brother-in-law, asked that question of Brady at the reception. When Brady told him it didn't feel any different, Pat's response was that it seemed to him that's when you know it's real. It's true because we had really already made the commitment to each other, we just made it official.

Throughout the honeymoon, we'd occasionally ask the other if it had sunk in that we're married. The answer was always "Nope!" and then we'd laugh. After referring to him as my husband a few times, it did start to feel more natural since we both had been in the habit of the word "fiance" for over a year.

Then we came home. Literally. We signed on our house right before we left for the honeymoon, while everything we owned was on a moving truck storage facility. Everything was delivered to our house while we were gone. Not only were we experiencing the amazing rite of passage of getting married and buying a house, we were also about to live together for the first time. I realize by my phrasing, it sounds like ages ago. More accurately, it was Tuesday. Two days before our cruise docked back in Fort Lauderdale, we were at a formal night dinner and were seated next to a couple from Canada. We talked sports, travel, helpful cruise websites, and the fact that Brady and I are newlyweds. We mentioned our new house and it came up how we never lived together. Our Canadian friends were awestruck. I don't think it occured to me before that how uncommon it was to not live together before getting married. I will say, living together has made it all feel more real in a way. I can walk around from room to room and see the finished product. I can see what our house will be for us when we finish unpacking and making it ours and I can see what it'll be in the future. I can look in our guest room and see friends coming to stay in the near future. Later on, I can visualize the room belonging to our children.

So in answer to the question we'll inevitably be asked:

Married life is an adventure. So far we've gotten to let our inner children out to play at Disney, explore the Caribbean together, including swinging our way through the jungle on ziplines...Brady=Tarzan. Me=George of the Jungle. Just ask the tree. We also made our first big purchases (outside the real estate arena) at the onboard art auctions. We've also just bought our first home. It's kind of been a big couple of months :)

Married life is very grown up. Brady referred to our neighbors' son who lives with them while he goes to school and is probably 22, as "kid." I definitely have my moments like that. It's a transition for me to occupy the "master bedroom" though I appreciate the spacious interior.

Married life, specifically living together, is allowing me to learn more about Brady. For example, he's a morning person. He's always had to get up early to commute to school or to go to work so he's used to being awake early. Not just awake, but alert--borderline bright-eyed and bushy tailed. It's adorable. I'm not much of a morning person because I tend to be more creative at night. Now that I have Brady to wake up with, even before the sun's up, I'm in a better mood in the morning. Yes, I still hit the snooze button at least twice, but still!

Even since starting this blog a couple days ago (things are pretty busy around here!), I've been hearing the question more and more. Today, at least 3 or 4 times. I'm sure I'll hear it at least a few dozen more times. I suspect married life will continue to be a grown-up, learning adventure. Our relationship will continue to evolve and get stronger the longer we're together and the more we go through in life...and to steal a word from Bill Engvall, that is pretty awesome.

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