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Friday, November 14, 2008

Ready, set, blog!

First and foremost, an explanation of the chess background as the initial theme of my solo blog. Brady will most certainly get a laugh out of it. During our honeymoon cruise, we borrowed a chess board from the ship's library, along with Yahtzee. This goes to show how much we mellowed out on our honeymoon. Brady and I have never played each other at chess, but I decided to challenge my new husband to a game. To preface, #1-Brady is very skilled at anything that requires strategy. I swear his mind is always going and he likes to trip me up and get me to say things I didn't mean to say, joking around of course. It entertains him to no end, though I've gotten pretty good at resisting bait he might toss out there. #2-I am very competitive in games, sports, and as a fan. Perhaps it's not a competitiveness so much as I just love the feeling of accomplishment of winning.

So we played I don't know how many games of chess and though my dear husband complimented my chess playing, he won far more games than me. He knows how frustrated I get when I lose. I immediately want to play again to try to win. So the explanation of the chess background is really just a tribute to one of my characteristics and shall we say, flaws? Me losing=Me grumpy. Oh well. I'm working on it.

My second order of business is to explain what this little ol' blog is. We have the joint blog that has all the bigger news going on in our lives. This blog is a preventative measure to keep that blog from getting all clogged up with my randomness. Basically this blog has no rhyme or's more of the day-to-day and me going off on tangents. Sound fun? Hey, I don't have a wedding to plan--I need something to occupy my attention during slow times at work and so forth ;)

The third thing I wish to discuss is entitled "How's married life?" That'll go in its own blog entry however...

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