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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dear "24" Writers,

First off, let me thank you profusely for not dragging Audrey back into the storyline for this season. I must say that this season is a vast improvement over the questionable Season 6 and is one of the best I'd say of the series, however, I have a few grievances.

1. Tony. I was honestly happy to see him this season, though the circumstances surrounding his almost-death is a bit far-fetched. That aside, I really felt like he was going to redeem himself. This yo-yo pattern of him being good, then bad, then good, now bad, is getting annoying. Pick a side. On top of this, his lifeless expressions and raspy voice reminiscent of Christian Bale as Batman is wearing down my patience for him. Please kill him off the show once and for all. I cringe to think of him making a revengeful reappearance in the next and final season.

2. Kim. Why oh why must Kim even come back and now that she's kind of, sort of back, why why why would you have her once again be kidnapped to use against Jack?

3. Renee. I know the whole idea is to completely isolate Jack so that would leave him without a permanent love interest, but she is a dynamic character who's actually likeable, unlike Terry or Audrey. Please don't kill her off.

4. Larry. That was uncalled for. He was just starting to not play by the book so much and I was finally starting to like him. Sure, it eliminated one-third of the love triangle, but still. Not cool.

5. Bill. Oh, poor Bill. It was definitely a way for Renee to see that when you cut Jack, he does bleed, but that was just sad. Seriously.

6. Please stop having poor Jack seizing on the ground. It bothers me.

I believe that covers my main grievances. I do think there are several things I was happy to see happen this season. For instance, thank you very much for not killing the poor guy being set up for the bio-weapon bomb. I understand that given the fact that no one is safe from being killed and that often involves innocent bystanders, I was quite relieved to see him make it out alive and be reunited with his brother.

Despite the above mentioned grievances, I do understand that "24" isn't all puppies and unicorns, and I do appreciate the fact that it's probably one of the most well-made shows on TV. Keep up the good work and please make the months of being Jack-less until next season worth it in the end.


Twinks, loyal "24" watcher since 2006

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