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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jillian Michaels is crazy, but I big puffy heart her

So the 30 Day Shred is a fitness phenomenon sweeping the country--or it seems that way on some of the online message boards I frequent. Jillian, who you might know as the "bully" trainer on The Biggest Loser came out with the DVD, which provides 3 levels of workout. Level 1 is tough enough to have you panting and cursing. Fortunately, she moves quickly from one exercise to the next. Start to finish, including stretching, it's about 25 minutes. It's just very concentrated with no breaks, but you cover all the muscle groups and mix it in with cardio.

I started the Shred maybe 2 weeks ago, but on day 3, I made the unwise decision to bathe 2 of the 3 dogs after shredding and wound up with a pinched nerve of some kind that had me hunched over like a 98 year old with osteoporosis. Not a good look for me. I took just over a week off to allow the pain to subside and I didn't want to strain anything again so I gave my body a break.

Last night, I picked back up where I left off and completed Day 4 on Level 1. I had already noticed my arms feeling stronger during my week break. I also noticed a huge difference in my endurance during cardio. By the end of the workout, my arms feel like Jello, but it's supposed to be that way. Now, I had taken before pictures (that will not be making an appearance on this blog), as well as taking starting weight and measurements. I had planned to update those measurements every 10 days of doing the 30 Day Shred, but out of curiosity, I did them last night. Keeping in mind I've only done it 4 days and had a week break where I didn't eat particularly well (though I did do a LOT of stuff around the house on Friday--including mowing the lawn, painting, vacuuming, steam mopping, etc.), I kept my expectations low. I was pleasantly surprised when after jotting down my current measurements and plugging them into my computer that I've lost an inch off my waist and 2 inches off my hips. (I won't weigh myself until I've done the workout 10 full days)

Nothing is more motivating than results.

Now, the everyday workout thing is probably a bit controversial because muscles need time to rest, but I think it'll work really well for me because it'll keep me in the habit. If I workout one day, skip a day or two, it's very hard for me to either remember or feel up to working out. It's really easy to come up with excuses. The every day thing forces me to work it into my daily routine, which is fine because 25 minutes is nothing compared to the time it would take to drive to the gym, get situated, work out, drive home.

Now that Level 1 is getting easier, I think I'll be moving onto Level 2 sooner than I would have said back on Day 1. I might do one more day of Level 1 and then move on. I'm curious to see what exercises they have on Level 2. In reviews, I've read that people like the exercises better in Level 2, but we shall see!

Brady was laughing at me yesterday as I finished up, which leads to the subject line of this blog. In previous workouts with Jillian, I've expressed that I think she's a crazy lady (in less polite terminology quite frankly) so he was surprised when he asked if she's still crazy and I answered: "Actually, I kind of like her." She's motivating, but doesn't baby you. She doesn't take excuses or whining (particularly the DVD version...she never answers back when I ask her out of breath "Why are you doing this to me Jillian?"), but rather tells you "Yes, you can do this." She reminds you throughout the workout that you have to work at it to get results and it really does give me the swift kick I need. I always thought if I could pick one of the Biggest Loser trainers to workout with, it would be Bob. He's just so sensitive and comforting, but you know, there's a reason why the majority of the winners have trained with Jillian.
On to Day 5...just keep shredding, just keep shredding...

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