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Monday, May 18, 2009

"Would you go with me?"

If I gave you my hand would you take it
And make me the happiest man in the world
If I told you my heart couldn't beat one more minute without you, girl
Would you accompany me to the edge of the sea
Help me tie up the ends of a dream
I gotta know, would you go with me
I love you so, so would you go with me

Those would be lyrics from Josh Turner's Would You Go With Me... I haven't heard it forever, mainly because I'm in the rock/alternative part of my music cycle. I tend to listen to all country for awhile and then transition to all rock/alternative for the most part. Country music is starting to creep up more and more in my playlists so I think I'm transitioning.

Anyways, this is just one of the songs the Hubs sang to me when we first started dating. I remember we were in his car--the itty bitty red two-door he used to have--and were driving down FLW, getting on the 101 North probably going to a movie. It would have been late in the year because I remembered feeling all giddy that he was singing "I love you so" before he'd actually told me he loved me.

Ah yes, the song remembers when. Oh how far we've come to just this weekend during an ultimate game-athon challenge affectionately giving each other unflattering nicknames, hehe

Oh I wonder if my singing causes the same fluttering in my dear, dear husband's heart...teeheee Perhaps I should add ear plugs to the Tarjay (AKA: Target) list for his poor ears? :)

So really I knew back then I had a pretty great guy...and it was right around 2 years later, give or take a few days, that I married that serenading Irishman. To quote another country song, this one by Brad Paisley: "And I thought I loved you then..." I have to say, I've got a pretty wonderful husband. They just don't make men like him.

Oh and because this cracks me up, here's my baby-faced hubby (please excuse the blinding flash) back then....and now (well, on our honeymoon anyway). Nnnaaawwwwww...

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