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Friday, November 13, 2009

24 week letter (a couple of days late)

Dear Baby Girl,

You've acquired a new nickname: "Goalie." This, like your original nickname "Peanut" came from your dad, but he gave you this new one after feeling you for the first time from the outside last night. You've been stubborn up to this point with showing off just how strong you are, but not anymore! The look on his face was priceless. He kind of got this Cheshire cat grin and he got so excited...and proceeded to give you (meaning me) raspberries and tell you he loves you. It goes without saying, but you have him wrapped around your teeny tiny finger already.

You're definitely getting bigger. I'm told one day I wasn't showing that much and then one day I just popped out. That was weeks ago and the belly just keeps getting bigger. It still looks like an over-inflated donut since my belly button refuses to flatten out yet. The size comparisons are monthly now on most websites, but it'll change again next week. Right now you're a little longer than an ear of corn so a little over a foot long. You're about a pound and a half. My goodness, you've come such a long way. The time has gone by surprisingly fast considering how anxious I was to get to this point in the pregnancy. I can only imagine how fast the rest of the pregnancy will go with the holidays coming up.

We might get to see you again on Wednesday depending on if Dr. Doan thinks they got good enough photos of you last time. I kind of hope she wants to take another peek, but we won't have to wait too long to see you after that anyways. We scheduled a 3D/4D ultrasound for the beginning of December, which I am really excited for. Yes, I know you don't like the wand. You made that clear in previous ultrasounds when you mooned us. Not to mention repeatedly staring us down, using the 2D effects to make yourself look like Skeletor. It didn't deter us. We thought it was adorable. I'm also convinced upon a closer look at some of your most recent photos, that you inadvertently flipped us the bird. Again, adorable.

I have to say, after all these 2D looks, it'll be so surreal seeing you in 3D. I can hardly wait, but wow. We'll get to see your chubby cheeks and sweet little face. Whose nose do you have? Do you have a full head of hair like your momma was born with? Do you sleep with your hand by your face like it seemed at your last ultrasound? Will you be smiling or yawning...or hiccupping as usual? Just thinking about it makes me tear up a little because Kiddo, you're my daughter. I love you so much already.

That said, just a warning, I might sob out of happiness at your birth. Don't worry, you'll be crying too, but probably moreso because you were nice and comfy in your increasingly cozy home during these 9 months and weird people are sticking things up your nose and suctioning stuff out of your throat...and the lights, good grief, the lights! For the record, I've never liked fluorescent lighting and played no role in its invention or continued commercial use so I apologize in advance for the glaring intensity as you make your way into the world.

Anyways, we're continuing to get ready for you. Your wardrobe continues to multiply, so much so that I need to buy more hangers. I'm also working on art for your nursery. Now, I don't fancy myself a painter--I'm better at sketching and charcoals--but they're looking pretty good. The rest is in a bit of disarray, but we'll get there. The dogs LOVE your room, despite the fact that there isn't much in it. I get the feeling they'll be very protective of you. Gracie is particularly fond of sniffing all your clothes. (Budaj tends to try to eat them.) She adores babies and I think she'll just adore you, even if you tug on her ears or drool on her head. After all, she's a bit of a drooler herself, you'll be two peas in a pod.

As you can probably tell by the length of this letter, I'm feeling so much better than I did earlier on. I have a lot more energy and I feel great, actually. For that, I thank you.

I have to say, the best parts of my day are the times when you're kicking. I love, love, LOVE having those moments with you.

As usual, the only thing I ask is that you keep on growing.

I love you so much.


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