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Friday, November 13, 2009

'Tis a good day....

despite the acne breakout, which is oh so lovely. It's a good day for the following reasons:

It's Friday.

Thanks to a run to Kohl's, I no longer have to feel the paranoia of people eyeing my suddenly bare ring finger...and then staring at my prominent baby bump in silent judgment. My temporary replacement is sparkly and all sorts of blinged out. Oh yes, and cost approximately $6.99. Be jealous.

Did I mention it's set on some sort of stretchy string material?

The best thing was Brady finally getting to feel Kaelyn kicking last night. She's been a kicking fool for a couple of weeks, but will suddenly stop when I try to show her off. Last night I was determined though and little girl came through with some pretty powerful kicks considering that she's only about a pound and a half at this point. She has now earned the nickname of "Daddy's Little Goalie," as the kicks are clearly her practicing her kick saves. She very well may have a tiny goalie stick in hand on her birth announcements.

Happy Friday everyone!

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