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Friday, November 27, 2009

26 week letter (a couple of days late)

Dear Peanut,

I can hardly believe how fast time is going. It's the day after Thanksgiving already and I'm more than halfway through my Christmas shopping already. When I think about how Christmas will be here before we know it and then it'll be New Years, I get the feeling your due date will come creeping up just as fast. In a matter of 3 months or so, I'll get to hold you in my arms. That's so amazing to me.

You're growing really fast, finally getting some baby fat. Believe me, I can feel it. You're measuring a week ahead at this point, but I think it has to do with your position. You like to sit low and I can definitely feel the extra couple of pounds pulling forward on me. At least there's something other than my own clumsiness throwing off my equilibrium. I went to bend forward the other day to pet Gracie I think and I nearly did a somersault. I'm also told it's very obvious that I'm pregnant. I've also been asked if it's twins. I've also had people who see me all the time be oblivious to the fact that I'm pregnant. This particular statement led your dad and me to be thoroughly amused and refer to my belly as my "cheeseburger belly." (Which, funny enough, I happen to be eating right now. Actually it's a turkey burger. Much healthier. We'll pretend the fries are a figment of our imaginations.) In any case, the belly is pretty far out there. I may start waddling soon without realizing it.

Anyways, your size comparison right now is a 13-inch work boot or an eggplant. I think a work boot sounds more intimidating. Really, you're bigger. Longer, anyways. I think 14+ inches is about average and you're 2+ pounds. You're getting stronger now, throwing your weight around. I noticed lying in bed yesterday how you can see my belly jump out where you kick. It's pretty neat. You and I played a little game once I discovered this. You've got personality already, kiddo.

You're getting more of a sleep/wake schedule that I can recognize too. It seems like you take about 2 hour stretches of naps/quiet time. If you keep your same schedule after you're born, you'll make your momma very happy. I do notice you moving a lot more during the night. Enough to wake me up, but I think it's on track for a good nighttime feeding schedule. In my best case scenario, your dad would get to pick up the 6am feedings while I'm on maternity leave so I can catch some much needed Z's. Then you nap until 8 or so, oki doki? Sound like a deal? (Yes, I realize I'm bargaining with my 26 week old fetus.)

Today was Black Friday shopping. You'll get to know this tradition when you're a little older. It was actually only my second experience with this, but we did fairly well. Your dad competed with a bunch of pregnant ladies and claimed you a glider/rocker with ottoman and a high chair. Our house is starting to fill up with all your gear. For being such a little person, you sure do need a lot of stuff! I love it.

We had our hospital tour this week too. How surreal and exciting. We're really comfortable with the hospital we've picked and it was great to see where you'll be coming into this world. That is, if your dad's fantasy of me giving birth at the Avalanche/Coyotes game we're planning to attend the day after your due date and the Avs players having to, of course, assist in the delivery doesn't come true. We got to walk through the doors we'll be passing through in the rush and exhilaration of realizing you're really on your way and it'll only be a matter of hours until we meet you. We got to walk the halls I'll probably be pacing before I call in for reinforcements, AKA the anesthesiologist with my epidural. We also got to hear the lullaby over the intercom (twice) that we'll get to play after you're born. It plays through the entire hospital. When I heard it, I admit it, I got a little misty. Like I said in my last letter, I may very well be a blubbering, sobbing idiot when you're born.

Alright kiddo, well I think this letter has gotten fairly long so I'll close out for now. You're doing so great. Grow, grow, grow, try to resist continuing to use my bladder as a trampoline, and grow some more. I love you more than you know.


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