Twinks Gets Fit...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We'll call this one: "Krys has a moment."

Um. Tomorrow I'll be 27 weeks pregnant. This means in 10 weeks, technically I'm full-term. This is leaving aside the fact that little girl is measuring at least a week ahead.

Oh. em. gee.

That's 10 weekends to get our mammoth of a to-do list done. 10 weekends to get all the things on our 3 column to-buy list bought and with its own place in our house. Because I need organization. I also want date nights with the Hubs in that time frame.

Yes, I could very well be 41 weeks pregnant, still waddling around at work. Shrek feet will have completely taken over. I'll laugh at this very blog entry. I probably won't care if everything on my to-do list is done...and by that point, some of the things will need to be done again.

That said, it's not much time, people. Really. 10 weeks ago was 2 weeks after my birthday trip to Disneyland.

::breathes into paper bag::

It'll be okay. Oddly enough, it's just the stupid to-do list that's freaking me out. Not having a baby. Not having our lives forever changed by this little person. Nope, it's the to-do list and the fact that it's growing and there's less crossed off than not and the color-coded things I can't do until closer to my due date or else I'll have to do them again.

Think I'm displacing my anxiety or do I just have too many psych classes under my belt? It's funny, thinking about taking care of Kaelyn makes me calmer, not more nervous. Good sign, yes? I'm staying positive and optimistic that I'll be able to soothe her despite stories of new moms dealing with babies with reflux and colic. It's not anything you can prepare for anyway, so there's no reason to get all stressed and paranoid about it now I suppose.

It'll be okay. We'll get what we need to done. We will. When we get to the point when we can work on some of January/February to-dos, things will get crossed off quickly. A lot of things on the to-buy list really could wait. Some are for when she's a little older.

::breathes slowly and steadily::

I just thought of a movie quote from Meet the Fockers. "We're Ferberizing him." Then later, Barbra Streisand says (about Robert DeNiro): "Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe he's learning to self-soothe."

Maybe that's what I'm doing. I have a mild panic attack--I'm exaggerating of course--think it through, reason with myself, and voila. I've self-soothed back to normalcy and calm.

Much better.

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