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Friday, November 6, 2009

I am bringing a dinosaur back to life.

I just purchased a replacement battery for my 3rd generation iPod. To give you a vague idea how ancient this thing looks, relatively speaking:

Current iPod model (which we also own). Note the full color screen and its video capabilities. They're also fairly light in weight, not to mention thin considering how much storage they offer.

And my 3rd generation iPod...bulky, heavy, and no frills menus.

Why would I revive such a beast? Because it has all my beloved music and playlists held hostage. You see, I will admit, while Apple products are very reliable, they do eventually (and inevitably) have battery issues. My iPod (which I believe I bought in 2002 or 2003) no longer recognizes that the battery exists. (The same thing happened to my laptop after a few years.) This means that if I remove it from my Bose speaker dock, where it is on permanent charge--or if I bump it slightly, the iPod shuts off. When I plug it back in, it resets. Quite annoying. I tried using the USB cord to connect it to my computer, which in theory, is supposed to charge the iPod. Yeah, no go.
So, for under $4, I shall bring this dinosaur back to life and once again have access to all my old music...which will promptly be shared with our newer generation iPod and the desktop for safe storage.

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