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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Random hockey thoughts

Shock and awe this season. Boys, you are awesome.

Anderson, you continue to impress, but could you stick a bit closer to the net for the sake of my blood pressure?

Cumiskey, do your skates run on rocket fuel? Seriously. We're keeping you.

Stastny, stay out of the damn penalty box. You're a star. Act like it. I can't stay mad at you though. All you have to do is flash that toothless smile.

Hejduk, you're no talk (or no talk I can actually comprehend with your accent) and all action and we lurve you.

O'Reilly. Duuude rookie, boy's got game.

Wolski, we bow down in honor of The Schnoz.

Tucker and Jonesy, keep it up.

Stewart, welcome back.

Svatos, you rock dude. Stay healthy and like Stastny, stay out of the penalty box. You have no business there.

McLeod, I missed you. You're a bit tenacious, but you step up when you need to.

Koci, I haven't yet warmed up to you and for that, I'm sorry. Perhaps after you've thrown your weight around when someone takes a cheap shot at our guys I will. Lappy left a hole on the team and big clown shoes I'm afraid no one can fill.

Clark, on behalf of Avalanche fans and your goaltender, thank you for continuously taking out the trash when Anderson has fallen and can't get up.

Quincey, I think I like you.

Duchene, you started off with such a fire and have since faded off. I haven't given up on you, but please do something productive.

Liles, we were beginning to think you were bad luck when you returned. I think we were wrong. You and Foote are a powerful defensive duo.

Foote, oh Captain our Captain, you're a badass. You know it. We know it.

Budaj, you know I love you. We named our dog after you, after all. Ignore my husband's comments that if you leave he'll be renamed "Wolski." Middle name maybe, but he'll always be our Budaj. Honestly, I really think you got jipped last season with a lackluster defense strategy to help you out. Anderson has had more than a little help from the rest of the team, something you didn't have at all last year.

I was so happy to see you in net last night with your same superstitious behaviors--thanking the hockey gods and so forth. I'm sure when the goal post took one for the team, you thanked it afterwards. You did great too, especially after not playing all season and just getting over having swine flu. Yes, Anderson's a great goalie, but you'll always be #1 goalie to me. Oh yes and March 4th, Phoenix. Look for the very pregnant chick just right of the bench. If it still fits, I'll be sporting your jersey...and making it work very, very hard.

The Flames may very well surpass the Canucks for nemesis of the year. I fart in your general direction, Calgary. This doesn't minimize my disdain for Vancouver. Sedin twins, Luongo? I'm talking to you.

All in all, to our guys in Denver, we're liking this season and we'll continue to adore you from afar. What can I say? You make me want to be a better fan.

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