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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

MommySox Review of the Original Design

This is day 3 of me wearing the original MommySox throughout my work day. My assessment of them is mixed. The reason for this is that my ankles look awesome. You can actually see the bone. The tops of my feet are another story.

As I previously mentioned in my review of the athletic socks, MommySox have certain areas that are more compressed than others. The ankles are very compressed. The tops of the feet and toes...not so much. It makes sense then that when I take them off at the end of the day, my feet are still swollen, but my ankles look comparatively dainty. All the fluid simply has no other place to go.

So, do they work? Yes and no. I do believe they are helping to keep Shrek and Donkey under control while I'm at work with circulation and whatnot. They also keep my feet warm and toasty in our freezing office. Not the true purpose really, but a perk at least.

Would I buy them again? No. At this point, probably not. I'll keep using the pairs of MommySox I have and see if my opinion improves and to help ward off Shrek feet, but I'm not going to go singing their praises from the mountain tops quite yet.

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