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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thankful...Day 15

This comes immediately after receiving an email forward from the Hubs about this amazing dog born with 2 email that inevitably made me cry.

I'm thankful for...

the dogs and their unconditional love.

I understand people not liking how dogs smell or that they shed because I even scowl at the dog fur that magically appears on our floors, even after I've just cleaned them. Honestly, I'd rather only people who love dogs bring them into their homes, but even if you're not really a dog person, you have to be amazed by what they stand for.

They don't care if you're not wearing makeup or if you look horrible. They don't care how much money you make. They don't judge you.

The only thing they want is to spend time with you. They are always happy to see you. (One of my favorite times of day is coming home and having the dogs jump around and hug us. Gracie's latest thing is going up on her hind legs and literally leaping at me for a hug.) They are perfectly content just laying beside you with their head on your knee. Sure, some people food handouts would be great or extra treats or a game of fetch or a new fleece toy to destroy, but really, dogs are just such faithful companions. They are the best parts of humans, I believe. The loyal side, the good-natured side, the carefree side, the entirely trusting side.

Yes, they drool. They roll in dirt. They destroy couches. They can be stinky. You know what though? They're my drooling, dirty, couch destroying, stinky mutts and I love them.

So I'm thankful for our pups, who enrich our lives in their own special ways.

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