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Saturday, November 14, 2009

"I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine. And he shall be my Squishy."

Actually, we've come up with two sets of names for my swollen feet. This comes after we discovered that we can make indents in the squishy tops like it's Play-Doh. Sexy, no?

#1: The left (the bigger of the two) is Shrek. The right, is Donkey.

The second set of nicknames requires some knowledge of Gabriel Iglesias. 

The right, as mentioned being the smaller of the two, is "Daaaamn."
The left foot is "Ah hell no." 

I've tried elevating them for long periods of time, which by the way, isn't as comfortable as it sounds. I downed tons of water at work yesterday. I've tried getting up and walking around (in hopes of promoting circulation). I've tried sleeping the entire night on my left side. I've tried using a body brush to again, promote circulation. Yeah, no luck. Update: I've been elevating for a couple hours now watching TV and the hockey game and Shrek is getting a bit smaller. Donkey continues to be a show off. 

So this week I ordered compression socks. I can hardly wait for them to get here. 

Those are two sentences I never thought I would say/type. Now, they aren't typical compression socks. While browsing the web for assistance on this strange fluid displacement and retention, I stumbled upon a product called MommySox. The price is a little steep for "socks" but considering how pricey compression hosiery can be...and the fact that I would have paid twice that amount to get my normal feet back, it's well worth it. In case you're needing some or know someone who might, the cheapest way is to buy direct through their website. The athletic style are $9.95, the knee-high variety are $12.95. I used coupon code VALENTINE to get 30% off. 

I got two pairs for now--a pair of black knee-high ones (I got black so I can wear them to work) and a pair of white tread socks that come to just above the ankles. They have good arch support too, which is apparently also an issue during pregnancy. All the reviews were very positive, being labeled a "lifesaver" so hopefully I have similar results!

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