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Thursday, December 3, 2009

90 days until Kaelyn's due date!


3 months is a long time. It is. Then again, Christmas is only 22 days away. By then, we'll be down to 68 days. Then New Years. 61 days. Then I'll be able to start our freezer meals for once she's born. Soon after that I'll be able to start crossing the things off our to-do list that have to wait until she's almost here. And then she'll be here.


I can hardly wait to meet her. It's just that when you start at two hundred something days on the countdown and you're down to double digits, it's a bit...surreal.

A bit of an update:
-Obsessively combing the internet for deals has earned us awesome deals on a number of must-haves for Kaelyn.
-MommySox are still no match for Shrek.
-We get to see our baby girl in 3-D in exactly 2 days.
-I have my first stretch mark from the pregnancy. (The rest are faint old school ones I've had since teenhood.) Linea nigrea (that weird dark line down the center of the belly) is also making an initial appearance.
-Budaj (the dog, not the goalie) has committed two horrible sins. One was to shred a Bible. The other was to tear into the Hubs' new Blu-Ray movies, freshly delivered from Amazon.
-Gracie had an allergic reaction to a bug bite and her whole back broke out in little bumps.
-Charlie's Soap, I think I love you.
-Just found out I'm getting a pay raise, effective the pay period before I'm supposed to start maternity leave. Score!
-I believe I've OD'd on Thanksgiving food.

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